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Sen. Yarima Congratulates New Ministers, Charges Them To Make A Difference

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Sen. Ahmad Sani Yarima, Chairman Senate Committee of Marine Transport while congratulating the newly sworn in ministers has charged them to live by the vows they made to make a change in the country.

The senator representing the Zamfara West Constituency of Zamfara State urges the ministers to be focused and not be distracted by favour seekers and greedy contractors. He also called out to people whose main job is to go from one ministry to the other to wait for ministers to stop that habit and look for more lucrative businesses to do.

Sen. Sani Yarima on Wednesday in his office where he received a group of online media practitioners who had gone to field some questions on his new role as chairman on marine and transport , “The expectations of Nigerians are high. We promised to change the ways things are done and to give people the real meaning of democracy. Now is the time for pour ministers to get to serious work and make their efforts felt within a short period of time”, he said.

“We all know how some people have turned themselves to automatic contractors and how they wear their flowing gowns to go and wait all day for ministers to come in and when they are granted audience, they don’t cut their conversations short. They just keep talking and talking and end up wasting the precious time of those who have work to do. Our ministers should identify such people and give strict instructions that such people should not be allowed into waiting rooms. It is those who have something to offer and are for the interest of the country that should be allowed to see any minister.

There are also many great minds in the country that have brilliant ideas and are ready to contribute to the growth of the country, those are the ones to be considered when dealing with the general public”, he added.

On his new role as Chairman Senate Committee on Marine Transport, Sen. Yarima said he is ready to do his best to work on good legislation in the marine transport industry.

“First of all, you have to understand what marine transport is all about. The Marine Transportation industry consists of companies engaged in marine and inland water transportation services primarily for freight. The industry includes deep sea freight and cargo, barge, inland water, vessel chartering and other freight transportation operations. We would put in place regulations on safety and security as it affects marine transport and put in place laws that would guide all those engaged in this line of business. We shall be carrying you along as we start work”.

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