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Lagos APC, PDP Fight Over Calls For Sanwo-Olu’s Resignation

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The ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in Lagos State says Babajide Sanwo-Olu remains undaunted and could not be distracted from delivering on his social contract with the people.

Lagos APC spokesman Seye Oladejo said this while reacting to calls by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to Sanwo-Olu to consider resignation in view of what PDP called “the collapse of good governance in the state, particularly in the last 10 days”.

Mr. Oladejo said the PDP call is an invitation to anarchy, saying “the call for resignation remains the wish of a frustrated opposition battling its permanent implosion”.

The dream of PDP to govern Lagos through the back door after persistent rejection at the polls remains a nightmare.

Mr. Oladejo said that the fact that the wanton destruction of public properties, utilities and individual investment in Lagos in the aftermath of #EndSARS protest had thrown the PDP camp into unprecedented jubilation was loaded with meaning.

“The PDP in Lagos state that suddenly came to life in the past week owes the innocent members of the public a detailed explanation about its ignominious and condemnable role in the mayhem.

“The intermittent falsehood about governance in the state fed to the unsuspecting public fanned the ember of the unprecedented violence which has left in its wake sorrow, tears and blood.

“The daylight murder of police officers and the razing of several stations across the state has no doubt taken its toll on our security architecture, but the state government is working assiduously to provide temporary accommodation to forestall the breakdown of law and order. We are persuaded by the firm assurance of the governor to revamp our losses in no time,” he said.

He added that the security of lives and property and all-round development remain the priority of the Lagos State government.

PDP spokesman Taofik Gani on Sunday said Mr. Sanwo-Olu seemed to have become overwhelmed by the current challenges facing the state.

The PDP spokesman said: “This counseling is in good faith and for the overall interest of the state.

“If this state continues to experience collapses in the next 72 hours, it may suffer a declaration of state of emergency, a step that would likely deprive all.

Mr. Gani said Nigerian Army’s indictment of Mr. Sanwo-Olu as the person who invited the soldiers to go and quell the Lekki protests has deprived him of moral ground to continue in his role as governor.

“Obviously, Lagosians can no longer trust a governor who denies his conspiracy actions in government,” Mr. Gani said.

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