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Lagos West Senatorial Battle: Solomon Adeola Accuses Segun Adewale Of Dirty Politics, Says ‘I don’t Have Killer Squad’

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Hon. Solomom AdeolaThe Campaign Organisation of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Senatorial candidate of Lagos West senatorial district for the coming elections has reacted to an allegation that he keeps a killer squad. Adeola however accused his main opponent, Mr Segun Adewale of the PDP of being behind the smear campaign against him.

In a statement sent to, the Adeola campaign organisation explains it all……………….

‘The attention of the campaign office of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for Lagos West Senatorial District Hon. Solomon Adeola, has been drawn to an ongoing sinister blackmail plot using some plaint online publications to linked him to some alleged “killer squad” by agents of his opponent Mr. Segun Adewale of PDP in a vain attempt to avoid issues and play dirty politics in the face of Hon. Adeola’s unparalleled popularity among the electorate.

Using group photographs of Hon. Adeola with various constituents, the agents of Mr. Adewale falsely identified and attributed crimes to individuals in the pictures and tag same as “killer squad”. The same is then passed onto plaint online publications for publication for sums ranging from $2000 to $5000 in a desperate bid to damage the soaring popularity of Hon. Adeola.

We state that the popularity and love by the people for Hon. Adeola is such that on daily basis different constituents and groups daily troop to his office and one of their numerous take home mementoes is photographs taken with Hon. Adeola with their hand held devices. As a man of the people, Hon Adeola usually oblige all such persons with these take home mementoes and will continue to do so with all the good people of Lagos West Senatorial District rooting for him to be their senator. 

We challenge Mr. Adewale and his motley band blackmailers to do the right thing and report any evidence of crime at their disposal on anybody to the relevant authorities for appropriate action instead of playing dirty politics unbefitting of a person aspiring to represent the largest and most cosmopolitan senatorial district in Nigeria.

For the avoidance of doubt Hon. Adeola campaigns has dwelt on issues relevant to the people of Lagos West Senatorial District in the drive for getting elected as their senator. Through drive through campaigns and town hall meetings with relevant stakeholders in the district, Hon. Adeola style is to tell the people his antecedents of 12 years in the Guardian Newspaper, his almost 12 years as a legislator at both state and Federal legislature and his numerous personal projects and constituency projects some of which are easily confirmed from his website, his planned replication of his programmes done at Alimosho Federal Constituency where he presently represents and such issues as struggle for a Special status for Lagos and the recognition of created local governments in Lagos State  as well as the issue of ranking in the legislature that will disadvantage Lagos West were they to send a greenhorn to the senate.

Again we challenge Mr. Adewale to let the public know his antecedents in terms of where he is coming from to be a senator representing the largest senatorial district in Nigeria. For free we tell discerning public that this man has no experience in public service and his private sector experience is restricted to his private company. We challenge him to give details of his upbringing which he personally acknowledges on some electronic media to be unsavoury. For us, we have record of his illicit sexual escapade as a youth, his records at Winners Chapel Church and other details that makes him not fit for even the lowliest public office. We challenge him to deny that he personally led an armed attack on Hon. Adeola’s campaign office on January 31, 2015 as reported in at least one national newspaper and other electronic media. We challenge him to dispute the public knowledge that his campaigns are presaged by sporadic firing of gun shots by youth that he personally armed.

In any case we refuse to be drag into the mud of playing dirty politics in place of politics of issues, a situation that restrict us from disclosing the seedy past of Mr. Adewale who wants to seat in the hallowed chamber of Nigeria’s highest legislative body.

For now we urge caution among online publications in doing their duty and ‘earning’ revenue for their blogs as they cannot grow their reach by dishing out falsehood or publishing manipulated photographs with serious allegations that should ordinarily be reported to the Police for appropriate investigations and action.’

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