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Hon. Solomom AdeolaAll the white cap chiefs, Baales and major relevant stake holders in Badagry has endorsed and pledge to vote for Hon. Solomon Adeola, the chairman of Public Accounts Committee of House of Representatives to represent them at the Senate for the Lagos West Senatorial district.

The endorsement and pledge came at a town hall meeting organized for the people of Badagry to meet the APC senatorial candidate as part of the preparation for the election of February 14, 2015 presidential and National Assembly election.

Speaking on behalf of the white cap chiefs, traditional rulers (Baales) and other leaders in the community after Hon Adeola unfolded his legislative agenda, Chief Patrick Yedenu Mobee, the Mobee of Badagry Kingdom said the track record of Adeola and his intellectualism in his presentation shows that he is an experienced legislator that Badagry people will support adding that unlike previous and other candidates Adeola is unique as shown in his coming to meet all stakeholders in Badagry to explain to them the issues and stakes confronting Lagos West unarguably the largest senatorial district in Nigeria.

The Mobee of Badagry Kingdom said that his people needs industrialization to provide jobs for its teeming population adding that when the deep sea port earmarked for the area comes on stream, Badagry people should not be relegated to the background in employment opportunities.

Earlier on Adeola said he does not believe in representation without connecting with the people being represented stressing that his visit is to show that campaign for representation should go beyond pasting posters to meeting prospective constituents for briefings as the seat in the Senate is rightly that of the people.

He said Badagry is an important community to Lagos and Nigeria in terms of development as a border area and gateway to other countries adding that he would pursue the agenda of getting the Badagry road done into an international superhighway as well as pursue the issue of deep sea port for Badagry to its logical conclusion.

The chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts said that the PDP led Federal Government has misruled the country over the years and had no plans to address the economic hardship that is coming with the fall in price of crude oil adding that an APC led Federal Government would address the economic downturn that is coming with diversification and curbing of corruption in the economy.

He promised to pursue the agenda of fighting for a 1% special fund for Lagos State in view of its status as the economic/ commercial capital of Nigeria to augment the fund of Lagos State Government adding that Abuja as the capital of Nigeria enjoys a special fund of 2% from the federal government.

Among others that interacted with the Senatorial candidate were leaders of market unions, religious leaders, students, Hausa and Igbo community leaders, and NURTW union among others.

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