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9 Important Things in a Relationship That Every Woman Wants

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1. Spontaneity
Every woman wants to have a man who can be spontaneous, and can be able to drop everything for her. Spontaneity adds to the relationship something new and interesting. Spontaneity is absolutely one of the most important things that every woman wants in a relationship. It’s easy to show up with a bundle of flowers and say that you were thinking about her.

2. Respect
The second most important thing that every woman wants in a relationship is respect. It doesn’t matter what type of relationship or friendship you have with a woman, you should make her sure that you respect her. Tell the truth at any time and situations, believe me, she’ll respect you right back. Always try to strength you relationship .

3. Surprises
When you have a relationship with a woman, you should always remember about surprises! Surprise her with gifts, an outing or even just with words that you say, you know, a little ‘I love you’ slipped in at just the right moment can really melt her heart!

4. Sex
You might think that men are the only ones that want sex. However, you should know that women want it just as much as a men, but they are not so obvious about it. Woman has to be comfortable with the man and has to be really attracted to him. That’s very important things in relationship.

5. Romance
Without doubt, romance is one of the most important things every woman wants in a relationship. A beautiful walk on the beach, a dozen roses, a song wrote just for her, these are just a few of the ideas for you and your beloved! Be more creative!

6. Time
Another important thing that every woman wants in relationship is time. Women don’t liked to be rushed into sex, into moving in, into marriage. Be patient, get to know her and your girl will tell you all of her secrets when she is ready to!

7. Communication
The biggest problem that happens in most relationships is misunderstanding. You should remember all the time that a lack of communication is actually the way to miscommunication. Every woman wants in relationship a really good communication, communication that benefits both of you.

8. Consistency
If a woman dreams about real man, one of the important things she wants in relationship is consistency. This woman will be looking for a man that not only has all of the qualities she wanted, but also a man that is consistent. Believe me, every woman wants someone that treats her great consistently, not just sometimes.

9. Fun
And the last important thing that every woman wants in a relationship is to be fun! You shouldn’t be serious all of the time, there should be some humor and some fun. If you don’t have fun with your man, why are you with him?

Some of these things that every woman wants in a relationship seem to be so common, yes? Trust me men, these things aren’t hard to achieve, especially if you really love your girlfriend! So girls, name some other things that you want in a relationship, we’ll be glad to know.

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