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10 Ways A Lady Can Keep Her Boyfriend

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By Ahmed Aramide

1. Be Natural:keeping a relationship takes a lot, but first of all, you have to be natural. Most men prefer ladies that are more natural and non pretentious.

2. Try buying him a gifts: Some men likes when their girlfriends buy them gifts. They might not really show it, but secretly, he likes it whenever he’s been bought gifts.

3. Always make him proud of himself: Whenever your partner is up to something or doing anything regarding work, always encourage him and make him feel really proud of himself so as to do more .

4. Learn how to apologize: When you offend your boyfriend, always try and apologize for what you have done, don’t feel too proud to apologize so his mind can be at ease with you.

5. Trust him: Always have trust in him, be loyal and be honest to him. This will make him have believe in you and always share his thought with you.

6. Have a good relationship with his friend and family: Having a good relationship with his friends and families would also promote the relationship standard and also make him feel you are cool with his folks and friends.

7. Be a fun girl to be with: Always be cheerful and happy around him so he will always want you around and miss every seconds you are not with him.

8. Jealousy: Always try to reduce the way you get jealous whenever you see him around other ladies, maybe his friends or co-workers. Jealousy happens when there is no much trust and it really affects relationships.

9. Romance: Always try to be romantic even when he’s not really in the mood. Try and spice up your relationship

10. The way to a mans heart is through his stomach: Always try to make him his favorite dish whenever you are around him. Its not about being a typical housewife, its just you adding more flavors and spices to your relationship.

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