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3 Easy Steps for Seducing a Married Woman

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There are a few things you need to do to get success for seducing a married woman. First you need to create attraction in her by teasing her with referrals to sex since the relationship is going to spin around sex.

Be playful and let her see you as a fun guy who hints sex by using the secret sexual attraction equation, she has the boring not sexy guy at home. Don’t be direct, perverted or dirty but keep her guards down, that way you make her think about you as a guy she could have sex with. You can be sure she is going to consider it if you turning on a married woman the right way.

Women Have Issues with Their Body

Secondly you need to know a bit about married women. A lot of married women if they have kids and getting a bit older fear they are not attractive as before they had kids. You can use this information to your advantage for attracting a married woman especially if the married woman has a boring husband who probably forgot to pay attention to giving compliments and lets his wife feel sexy.

You simply charm her about the things you find attractive in her – outside and inside. Don’t use the normal “you have beautiful eyes and nice tits” line because this will not make you look like the “don” they want to be seduced by. Most women with kids have a problem with their ass.

Tell her you find her ass smoking hot in pants, you really would like to grab it and take a bite of it. If she has a big fat ass then don’t unless you find this attractive. Alternative go for complimenting her belly. Tell her “your belly smells so damn fine, and your skin is so sexy woman”. You should have touched and smelled her belly for this of course, otherwise you are lying and she will know.

If she has small tits she will have issues about them especially if she has kids. If her tits look sexy and you like them even if they are small, give her compliments about their shape, being lovely round, are sexy and so forth. Always be honest and give her compliments about whatever you find attractive in her.

All women have something besides their tits and ass, you think is beautiful otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for making love to a married woman. Use those things to charm her.

Make Her Feel Totally Relaxed About the Whole Thing

Third you need to make sure the woman knows you are not looking for a serious relationship. This is an important thing in dating a married woman. She needs to know you’re discrete and also that you won’t be contacting her because you want a relationship.

So whenever you are trying to seduce her you need to slip in hints if texting, mailing, in conversation. “I’m not looking for getting married with you sexy Xxxx/I’m not looking for a relationship Xxxx. What I am looking for is a way to let my fingers slide up and down your lovely sexy legs, while I try to lift your skirt up a bit. I bend down so my head is next to your crouch and then I let my ……………”

The three above steps is all you need to do for seducing a married woman which are different from a single woman.

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