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Lexy Mojo Eyes Meets French President

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After 17 years of promoting designers from Nigeria and Africa in the world’s fashion capital, Paris and other parts of the world, African Fashion Ambassador, Lexy Mojo-Eyes recently met the French President in Paris, France.

It was at the French National Day VIP cocktail in Paris also known as the Bastille Day. This is the most important bank holiday in France. The Bastille Day signifies the French revolution which took place 227 years ago (1789) as well as the Fête de la Fédération which celebrated the unity of the French people.

His invitation is in recognition of his contribution to the social economic bilateral relationship between France and Africa.

It should be recalled that in 2010 when France was bidding with the United Kingdom to host the 2012 Olympic Games, Lexy Mojo Eyes was named by the French government as one of its global ambassadors to support its bid. His history with France started in 2000 when he presented 10 Nigerian designers at the Nigerian Fashion Show at the UNESCO in Paris in a huge event that made global headlines.

Apart from attending the French National Day where he met François Hollande, Lexy Mojo- Eyes has been in the French capital to conclude on going arrangements towards the successful hosting of the 3rd edition of the Africa Fashion Reception.

The Africa Fashion Reception (AFR) is a Pan African initiative organized by Legendary Gold Limited in partnership with the African Union Commission. This year’s event will gather fashion designers, dignitaries, Ambassadors and media from over 30 African countries, in a celebration of cultural diversity expressed through the artistic fashion discipline with the proud theme ‘Africa is the New Inspiration of Global Fashion’

The Africa Fashion Reception is aimed at achieving the following objectives using the creative industry of Fashion as a vehicle:
To build bridges by creating free trade and partnerships among fashion practitioners throughout the African continent
To attract global attention to Africa’s very rich and diversified dress culture which can be explored as a catalyst for the social economic growth of the continent’s garment/textile industry.
To expand the potential power of fashion as a tool of fighting poverty in Africa by creating wealth through the empowerment of women and youths in the various fashion vocations through training, capacity building schemes, workshops and setting up of medium/small scale businesses thereby supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the African Union Agenda 2063
To bring about self-reliance as this initiative will create millions of jobs across the continent for Tailors, Creative Directors, Textile designers, Models, Cutters, Pressers, Fashion Photographers & Writers, Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists etc

The 1st edition of the Africa Fashion Reception presented participants from 16 African countries. The 2nd edition saw participants from 24 countries. This year, participants are expected from over 30 countries.

One of the activities lined up during the Africa Fashion Reception at the African Union in Addis Ababa is the first African Fashion Business Summit with the theme ‘Creating Wealth for African Economies through its Fashion, Garment and Textile Industry’. It will also feature exhibition and runway shows by each participating country.

After the event in Addis Ababa, all the participating countries will be presented in a grand event in Paris by the end of October to the international market.

Partners of the Africa Fashion Reception includes the African Union, Nigerian Embassies in Ethiopia & France, French retail giants, Galeries Lafayette, French premium champagne, Nicolas Feuillatte, Air France, William Grant, Africa Magic, Femaz Micro Finance Bank Limited, Design Essentials, AIT, UBIZNEWS, Planet TV, Ben TV, Busyminds Entertainment, Ovation International, Amina Magazine, New African Woman, Au Pluriel Femmes, Europa Regina, Nyandibo, Goge Africa, Embassy of DR Congo in France and African Royal Kingdoms – ARK.

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