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How Ogun Rep Member, Hon Babatunde Ogunola Is Eradicating Poverty In His Constituency

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Hon. Babatunde Ogunola
Hon. Babatunde Ogunola

For the first time in the history of this democratic dispensation, the people and residents of Ado Odo/ Ota local government of Ogun State are now enjoying the eluive dividends of democracy.
The dividends which many have applauded is credited, interestingly to a federal lawmaker in the House of Representatives, Hon. Babatude Olabode Ogunola.
According to residents of the cosmopolitan town of Ota and villages that make up the local government, Hon Ogunola who is popularly called ‘Tomo’ has put smiles on faces of thousands of people through many of his landmark projects and empowerment progrmmes.
For example, we learnt Hon Ogunola unilaterally installed over 200 solar energy powered street lights in the entire 16 wards that make up the local government.
Hon Ogunola, who has a thriving auto business in the United States of America also dug 16 boreholes in the 16 wards to provide water for his people. The lawmaker  also built a block of three classroom at CMS Primary School in Ado Odo, while he just completed a rural electrifiication project in a village called Ere in Ado Odo.
Though, most of the projects embarked upon by Tomo fall under the list of the executive arm of government, but those close to the federal lawmaker reveal that he decided to take up the projects with is personal fund because of the love he has for his people.
Some of the project done by Tomo include the construction of Itele-Osuke bridge which had been abandon for the past 25 years and infleucing the reconstruction of Owode-Ado road by the Federal Road Maintance Agency(FERMA)
Unlike many of his peers who see elective posts as an opportunity for self aggrandisment Hon Oguola has used his personal money to purchase 50 motorcycles, 50 deep freezers, 50 sewing machines, 20 Hair dresser dryers, 20 Generators, 40 electric sewing machines which he distributed to artisans in his  constitiuency to help in starting up their businesses.
Also, because of the milk of human kindness flowing in him, Hon Ogunola purchased JAMB forms for 150 students and awarded scholarships to yhose that gain admission into any tertiary institutions in the country.
Recently, Tomo took delivery of 150 Trycycles which he will distribute to unemployed youths in his contitiency.
A very quiet and humble politician cum businessman, Hon Ogunola is regarded  as one of the richest lawmakers in the country with a lot  of investment in the united state of America and other european countries. A self made man, Tomo we learnt has vowed to continue to help his people by doing his best to wipe out the ravaging poverty in his constitieuncy.
“Tomo is a gift to the people of Ado-Odo/ota.It is people like him that we need in position of power ” A resident of Ado-Odo/ota told yemojanews recently.

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