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Gov. Ajimobi is being led to prison – Akala

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Ajimobi and Akala
Ajimobi and Akala

A former governor and Labour Party gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State, Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala has lambasted Governor Abiola Ajimobi and his media handlers over what he described as “uncouth behaviour and penchant for lying” in an interview granted the special adviser on media to Governor Abiola Ajimobi, one Festus Adedayo.

The former governor who reacted through his director of public affairs, Oludare Ogunlana, said that “it is unfortunate for Festus Adedayo who left Enugu with just a singlet through a night bus when he caused troubles for his boss, former governor Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu State to tell lies”.

He said people like Adedayo thrives when you have a bad government. “He is going to lead Ajimobi into prison in a matter of time.

Adedayo was quoted in an interview as saying that Akala wears anklet to campaign and did not mean well for the people of the State when he was governor.

He warned Governor Ajimobi to face governance and not tissue of lies as done in recent times.

All the governors before Ajimobi, he said, tried their best and continued from where their predecessors stopped because government is in continuum. “There is no ward in Oyo State where you would not point to Akala’s achievement. Unlike Akala, Ajimobi concentrated development in two local governments.

“The biggest hospital by any administration in the State was built by Akala. The peace did not start with Ajimobi’s government. We have not had any disaster like that of Ajimobi. Was there any “Soka” issue during the previous era?. Never did Akala delay workers’ salary but Ajimobi tales delight in delaying workers’ salary. Only last week, the commissioner for finance was on air to corroborate our assertion that this government is insensitive and lacking human face,

“Ajimobi would not have won the election if not for the connivance of Sen. Teslim Folarin. They sponsored lies and terrorism against the government in their desperate move to take power from Akala at all cost.

He said that Akala was never controlled by his wife but “is it not ridiculous for any Yoruba man to be controlled by a Lebanese woman?. His wife’s wish is his command.Off course, Ajimobi is the governnor but the real government is Florence Ajimobi but the aroma of government is too sweet for him and his wife to know that they are living on borrowed times”.

Ajimobi is enmeshed in deep popularity problem. He has not been able to fulfil all what he promised. “They have not even started the foundation of the hotel which his government has paid over  500 million for.

The governor also takes delight in duping unsuspecting graduates by telling them to pay before getting elusive jobs.

He alleged the chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, Alhaji Taofeek Oyerinde Fele “as the official leader of the militant wing of the State APC as attacks carried on members of the LP members were traced to members of the drivers’ union.

He, however, asked that Adedayo be stripped of his pastorship for telling lies. “Festus in his madness of amnesia has forgotten that achievers do not talk too much unlike his boss who tell lies. Festus is like “Mr Giwa is a trader.” He is a mercenary that works wherever his bread will be butter. That was how he did when he was with Nnamani, throwing caution into the wind like an uncultured person.

If truly Ajimobi is cerebral as he usually claims, how come he could not manage his party fortune or? where are the likes of Dr. Adeolu Akande, Senators Ayo Adeseun and Femi Lanlehin and others?

“If Lam were to be alive today, he would be in Labour Party. Even in APC where he claims to be a member,  he is not even in their first eleven and that is why he is not given any prominent role in the campaign of  General Muhammadu Buhari because they know his worth.

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