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Fuji Lord, K1 De Ultimate Impregnate Society Lady, Titi Masha

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k1 & Titi Mashai
k1 & Titi Mashai

Popular Fuji crooner, Chief Wasiu Ayinde Gbolahan Marshall, K1 De Ultimate, is not in the best of mood at the moment. The reason? His close friends are spoiling for a showdown with him for betraying the trust they imposed on him.

K1 is reported to have snatched a certain Titi Masha from one of his best buddies, Gbenga Islander. The issue has become the most discussed among his friends and fans as well.
Sources who should know disclosed that Gbenga and Titi were lovers for a couple of years.

But the affair crashed when Gbenga was prevailed upon by his friends, to dump Titi when they observed that she was tarnishing his reputation with her less dignifying ways of doing thing. When Islander finally decided to dump her, his decision was greeted with a strong resistant from the lady. She resorted to blackmail and threaten to destroy her former lover. But the handsome Big Boy refused to be moved.

When she realised that her threat would not yield the desired result, Titi then decided to seek the help of K1 to plead on her behalf. Yet again, Islander stood his ground and vowed never to have anything to do with her again. Titi didn’t take this well. And she decided to hit back at him, in a very distasteful way.

She was alleged to have lured the Fuji king and before long, the two became lovers. The secret affair led to pregnancy and people cannot just stop
talking about it. However, Islander has refused to allow the issue affect his relationship with the Fuji crooner, whom he takes to be a mentor.

And on Monday, Titi decided to launch thrust herself into society consciousness, when she hosted a party to mark her birthday. She requested from her friends at the party to take pictures of herself and her lover, and sent out to people. Titi, who used to manage her mother’s shop in Surulere, is said to have complained to her friends that she was tired of being kept in the closet. She has resolved to deal with her former lover, Gbenga Islander and his friends for denigrating her reputation.

Sources also claimed that K1 feels so remorseful over the issue. He has reportedly pleaded with his beautiful wife, Wendy and Islander to pardon him. He has also promised his wife that he will not explore the possibility of marriage with the former lover of his most ardent fan.

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