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Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah Scrambles to Cover Up Certificate Forgery Scandal

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UPDATE 2:  An apparently troubled Minister Oduah has however not remembered to revise her official Facebook page. It still has St. Paul’s as the college she attended.
It appears her handler only remembered to edit her profile page only removing all traces of St. Paul’s College from the account.
See below screenshots of her unedited Facebook page and her Facebook profile (after the revision).

ella Oduah’s Facebook profile page after the revision
UPDATE 1: Minister Oduah has intensified her cover-up schemes. After our initial report at 2:09 p.m. Nigerian time, the minister has returned to revise her Wikipedia page multiple times. The latest revision was done at 4:21 p.m. Nigerian time. A link to an interview she granted Encomium Magazine now leads to a 404 error on that website.

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