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2015 Election Opinion Poll: Jonathan Bounces Back !!

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A new opinion poll has shown that the positive perception of Nigerians on President Goodluck has soared in the last few days. Reports coming from all over the country indicate that Nigerians, expatriates, the international world and close watchers of Nigeria’s 2015 presidential election have increased their support for the continuity of President Goodluck Jonathan’s transformation agenda.
It will be recalled that security issues, especially the insurgency of the dreaded group, Boko Haram was a major setback in the scorecard of President Goodluck Jonathan. This grey area was maximally used against the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and by extension used by opposition to fight against the incumbent government.
However, majority of those who initially spoke against the second term ticket of Goodluck/Sambo are beginning to show overwhelming support for the continuation of the GEJ/Sambo ticket with 49 per cent in favour of the PDP candidates against the 51 percent opinion poll of Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, the APC candidate.
The poll, carried out by seasoned journalists and members of the Association on Online Media Practitioners (AOMP) asked many people whom they would vote for between President Jonathan and Gen. Buhari. It turned out that President Jonathan is becoming more popular in the estimation of people and there is confidence amongst those spoken to that he has the capacity to quell the Boko Haram insurgency in the country.
It would be recalled that acts of terrorism being perpetrated by the Islamic militant group, Boko Haram had hitherto looked impossible to tackle in the northeastern states of Nigeria, however, the Nigerian military has not only acquired new equipment to fight the insurgents to dust level, they have begun to gain upper hands in the battle as they have recaptured cities once dominated and oppressed by the sect. More communities in the North Eastern part of Nigeria are being taken back by the Nigerian Army to the relief of Nigerians.
According to the Chief of Army Staff, Kenneth Minimah, the Nigerian soldiers are currently undergoing more training to face Boko Haram and other terrorist groups in the country.
The Lieutenant General said: “We are going through troubled times, but they will soon come to an end, and we shall be glad at the end. I promise you it will come to an end and we will be victorious.
As a matter of fact, government troops has flushed out Boko Haram terrorists from Gulag, Madagali Local Government Area in Adamawa State, and Bara in Gulani LGA in neighbouring Yobe State. Other areas said to have been cleared include, Shikah, Fikayel, Tetebah, Buza, Kamla and Bumsa.
Other factors pointing to the goodwill of President Goodluck Jonathan according to a survey conducted round the country is the PDP’s anti-violence stance on matters concerning the election. In as much as the ruling party would want to continue its transformation agenda, violence and speeches that indicate desperation are not used by them.
The Lagos/Ibadan and Ore/Benin expressways are some of the visible signs of the PDP government’s determination to give people their desires for good transportation and safety of lives and properties.
The railways system, adequate provision of health facilities, improvement in the power sector, availability of affordable public education all over the country and so many others are evident for people to see.
Also, it is becoming more evident to people that some powers interested in looting the economy and destabilising the country are bent on spreading wrong signals about the present administration.
As the gap between the opinions about Gen. Buhari and President Goodluck Jonathan closes, it is becoming clearer that the latter is gaining more grounds and getting the approval of people in the right places.

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