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YSF Warns Prof. Noibi, “Stop Wearing Religious Mask To Deceive Our People”

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The attention of Yoruba Solidarity Forum has been drawn to the latest antic of Prof Dawud Noibi who has always hidden under religion to desecrate Yoruba interest at every critical turn.

His advertorial in Nigeria Tribune of Thursday 29(page 6), October 2015 under the banner of Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria and titled “We Condemn Afenifere’Secession Threat” is a continuation of his role as a mole in Yorubaland working for outside forces who don’t want the progress of Yorubaland.

We recall his dishonorable role in 2014 when he started to whip up unnecessary, unjustifiable and baseless religious sentiments on the religious beliefs of delegates at Yoruba leaders meetings leading to the National Conference.

His position then was an embarrassment to many Muslims who attended the various meetings which were purely Yoruba gatherings and not worship sessions.

We don’t know him as a Prominent Islamic Scholar, unlike the likes of Sheik Muheedeen Ajani Bello, Sheik Sulaima Farouq, Sheik Musa Agboola ,Late Sheik Muhammed Jamiu Bulala, Late Sheik Muhammed Habeebulah Adam El.Lloriy and Late Sheik Mumbaraq Ashile, who control huge followers whenever they come to the public domain, they don’t ever negate the interest of their tribe as a matter of fact during Sanni Abacha era, attempt to use them against NADECO and June 12 activists were bluntly refused, those who sang praises of Abacha then, where are they now?.

Prof  Noibi should note that history will not be kind on him because all his negative attempt to destroy what Yoruba stand for through his advertorial are being documented for future reference, a Yoruba proverb  say “Omo to ba so ile nu, Oti so apo iya ko”.

By the way,how come it was only AFENIFERE that was singled out in his attempt to debase Yoruba when it is on record that the summit had over 27 various groups united with their voice?

I am sure he doesn’t need the interpretation, why is he working as an agent of pro-north in Yoruba land how come his advertorial is coming out after kwakwaso’s statement during his visit to Ibadan considering that Prof. Noibi is based in Ibadan? We can read between the lines.

In his latest service to the enemies of the Yoruba people who are destroying the farms of people, raping our women and kidnapping our leaders for ransom, Prof Noibi has tried again to muddle up the issue by invoking religious emotions and denying the obvious to sound good to his masters who want to treat our people like grasses on their own land.

Only a man on a slavish errand and has no wisdom to deliver it like a freeborn would continue to deny that Chief Olu Falae was abducted by Fulani herdsmen after those who committed  the crime have been charged to court with their  identities in sync .

The heinous activities of the Fulani herdsmen have been reported extensively by the mass media and in police formations across the south west.

It is shameful that Prof Noibi is now using religion as a cover to carry out the ridiculous assignment of those he is working for to push positions that would continue to give an enabling environment for the criminal exploits of these herdsmen to flourish.

It is interesting to note that those Prof Noibi is working for have not denied that those who abducted Chief Falae were Fulani herdsmen, they have only be cheeky by saying they are Fulanis from outside Nigerian borders.

We want to appeal to Yoruba people not agents of the enemies in our midst to use religion to divide us.

The Fulani herdsmen have destroyed farmlands belonging to Christians, Muslims and Traditional Religion alike while they don’t ask for the religion of women before they rape them.

Yoruba land will never be conquered by God’s grace no matter the antics of saboteurs like Noibi who are wearing religious mask to attempt to deceive our people.

Our people must remain in solidarity as one people serving the same God in different ways.




Odumosu Olajide

Publicity Secretary

Yoruba Solidarity Forum

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