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Woman To Spend Two Years In Prison For Having Noisy Sex!

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A woman has been sentenced to jail for harassing her neighbors with loud noises during sex for two years.

The culprit, Amanda Marie Warfel from Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and harassment charges for shouting racial slurs at her neighbors after they complained about her furniture shaking during “loud” sex in the adjacent unit.

Tanya Saylor, the complainant called the police on March 21 to complain that her neighbor was loudly fornicating and banging around her bedroom such that her own bed shook.

According to report, Saylor told the police that she asked Warfel to pipe down because her teenage daughters had school in the morning.

“They don’t sleep well at night. There’s constantly inappropriate things that go on in her bedroom,” she said.

Warfel, 25 had reportedly responded to the mother-of-five’s request by screaming “racist comments” at them through a shared wall.

According to reports, after her terminally ill husband and five children — one of whom has cancer — dealt with the noise for two years, Saylor finally had enough and alerted authorities when the dispute got worse.

“Warfel called my children monkeys and offers them bananas,” Saylor said. “It was a daily thing until she went to prison.”

Saylor is white, but her husband and daughter are black. Though it wasn’t the racial comments that made her alert authorities, it was because of the severe impact the dispute was having on her family.

According to reports, the harassment got to a point where Saylor had to provide headphones for her children in order to block out the naughty noise from Warfel.

“She harassed my kids for two years. I shouldn’t have let it go that long. I should have started calling the police a year ago,” she said.

Warfel, who was on probation for a previous felony prison assault, was sentenced to 45 to 90 days in jail in York County Prison

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