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Why True Federalism Will Address Nigeria’s Challenges – Olulade

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The member representing Epe Constituency II in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Segun Olulade, has said that that the entrenchment of true federalism in Nigeria is now inevitable, adding that the Federal Republic of Nigeria as currently constituted is not working.

Olulade who stated this in a statement issued on Tuesday, pointed out that greater autonomy to states in the country, remained the solution to the country’s multi-faceted internal crisis.

The lawmaker who noted that Nigerians had suffered for too long under a poorly-designed structure, explained that the country is not working as well as it should. “And part of the reason is the poor way we have structured our economy and governance especially since 1960.

“Our present system makes the federal government’s powers to diminish those of states, consequently making it difficult for states to carry out customised initiatives for their individual residents and this situation as a matter of urgency needs to change.”

“The federal government as presently constituted is too big and too powerful relative to the federating units and the change being canvassed is patriotic. States need more room to look inward, manoeuvre and develop rather than relying on allocation from the federation account.

“This arrangement will allow the regions or zones to be in substantial control of their resources, thereby promoting efficient development. We must refrain from assuming that anyone calling for restructuring of our federation is working for the breakup of our country.

“Under the regional government in the First Republic, Nigeria made a remarkable progress with the three and later four regions using the resources at their disposal to improve the standard of living of citizens.

“An excessively powerful centre does not equate to national unity. If anything, it has made our unity more fragile, our government more unstable and our country more unsafe. We must renegotiate our union in order to make it strong,” Olulade said.

The lawmaker, who is the Chairman, House Committee on Health Services, however, urged Nigerians to embrace a restructured Nigeria, insisting that it would also reduce the importance politicians place on elections into federal positions.

“Greater autonomy, power and resources for state and local authority will give the federations units greater freedom and flexibility to address local issues for their priorities and peculiarities,” he added.


Hon. Segun Olulade (Epe Const. II)

Chairman, House Committee on Health Services,

Lagos State House of Assembly

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