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Why Gov. Amaechi Forced Housing Commissioner, Marshal Uwom To Resign Over Corruption!

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Fresh information revealed, recently resigned Rivers state commissioner for Housing, Mr Marshal Uwom left office on the heels of alleged corruption.

According to an inside source ‘ Uwem was been probe over certain disturbing transactions under his watch’.

Findings by revealed, the probe which was the off shoot of tip offs inside his ministry was kept low profile in the interest of all.

Investigations revealed Governor Amaechi had directed that all allegations in the report brought to him- a while back- be thoroughly investigated and ascertained before direct accusations.

The Governor reportedly issue this directive based on established findings that, aside from the fact he wanted to protect the cabinet vis a vis the image of the state, he didn’t want to accuse a man reported to have sympathy and increasing rapport with his political opponent, Supervising Minister for Education Mr Nyesom Wike with shaky allegations.

Sources however confirmed feeling investigators close in on him, the under probe commissioner chose to opt out.

And he went a step further, he attributed leaving the government to Governor Amaechi’s decision to leave the Peoples Democratic Party for the All Progressives Congress.

Minister Nyesom Wike, the former Commissioner’s new political mentor is still a member of the PDP. And has been severally accused of plots to destablise the government of the incumbent.

Incidently, the minister was a former chief of staff to the Governor.

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