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War In Oyo Gov. Office!
Deputy to Ajimobi: “What Kind of Stupid Governor Are You”

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An action movie was shot in the
office of the governor of Oyo
State, on Tuesday, as Governor
Ajimobi and his deputy, Chief
Moses Alake Adeyemo, nearly
physically attacked each other.
It took the intervention of the
security personnel attached to the
two public figures to prevent a
mortal combat provoked by
Governor Ajimobi.
Before the near fisticuff was
halted by the security officials,
there were hot exchanges between
the governor and his fiercely loyal
but worthlessly treated deputy who
is from Oke Ogun Area of the
The dirty linen of the governor’s
unsavoury amorous deals and
enrichment was washed publicly in
the office while the skirmish
# Reason They Brawl#
The brawl was fallout of the
congress of the APC held in the
state recently and shunned by
almost all the National Assembly
members of the party from the
The Deputy Governor’s mother is
from Saki East LG where he built
his house and where he retires
each time he leaves Ibadan. His
father is from either Atisbo or
Oorelope LG. So, he is naturally
the leader in those councils.
But rather than empower his
deputy, Ajimobi subordinated him
to one Mrs Hannah Olawunmi
Ogunesan, a junior civil servant,
who was promoted to the rank of
a top shot in the service by
Ajimobi, on account of his
amorous relationship with the
The severally humiliated deputy
was forced to sit down with
Ogunesan’s group to reach a
consensus on the list of party
officers in the two council areas
and the agreement was struck in
an atmosphere of peace.
But with the support of her
concubine, Ogunesan removed all
the nominees of the Deputy
Governor from the consensus lists
and the action was sheepishly and
swiftly endorsed by Governor
NEWSLEAK was reliably exclusively
informed that an embittered Alake
Adeyemo went into the congress
humiliated but yet demonstrated a
high sense of maturity.
But unable to stomach the
indignation meted on him by
Ajimobi from the comfort of
Delilah’s laps, the Deputy Governor
had to open up to the committee
set up to address complaints
arising from the congress and
alleged foul play in his council
Irked that the Deputy had the guts
to complain, Ogunesan had to go
to Governor Ajimobi to make a
As usual, the governor summoned
his Deputy to his office with his
Delilah and others seated. Sensing
that the discussion might erupt
into a volcano, Governor Ajimobi
asked all but his deputy to remain.
The hot and loud conversation
between them, exclusively got by
NEWSLEAK, went thus:
Ajimobi: Do you realise you don’t
have any power in this office?
Deputy: I have every right as you
do. The Constitution recognizes me
as the deputy governor. You are
nobody without me because we
were both elected on a joint ticket.
Ajimobi: So, you are threatening
me in my office?
Deputy: This is not your office; it
is a public office and we will leave
Ajimobi: Get out of my office
Deputy (rose on his feet): I am not
going anywhere. What kind of
stupid governor are you?
You think I don’t know what is
going on between you and that
woman (Ogunesan)? You have
desecrated the office of the
governor by sleeping with all sorts
of women. I have been very loyal
to you despite your ill treatment
towards me. What else do you
want? How else do you want me
to please you? I can even resign
right now. What am I getting from
being your deputy apart from
When the security officials rushed
into the Governor’s office, the two
public figures were seen almost at
each other’s jugular and were
quickly separated by the security
An eye witness confided in
NEWSLEAK that the deputy
governor, whose son gets married
today (Friday) and Saturday, left
Ajimobi’s office, pregnant with
fury, and banged the door.
On getting to his office, he wrote
his resignation letter, a copy of
which NEWSLEAK made several
unsuccessful attempts to get. It
took the intervention of top
government functionaries to prevail
on Chief Adeyemo from submitting
the letter.
Having realized he goofed,
Governor Ajimobi left hhis office
and went to his deputy’s saying,
“You are not known to get angry”
and apologized to him.
He also ordered the caretaker
chairman of Saki East LG to ensure
that he further placates his deputy
governor and ensure he is happy
through the during of his son’s
A further mitigative measure,
NEWSLEAK was informed, was the
travel of First Lady, Florence
Ajimobi, on Thursday to
Ogbomosho, venue of the Deputy
Governor’s wedding, where she
intends to sleep throughout the
It will be recalled that last year
when one of the children of the
deputy got married in Ibadan, Mrs
Ajimobi never attended the event
but stayed in the Government
House, though her husband did
NEWSLEAK will next week do an
in-depth report of Mrs Ogunesan,
especially on the fraud in the
procuremens of refuse trucks,
ultrasound equipment and many

— Vox Populi News

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