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Uburu berths: Built to Change Face of Marketing Communication

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“Dramatic paradigm shifts in the very nature of how we do business are redefining PR and marketing communications. The new imperative is to develop a dialogue with customers and prospects that is identifiable, relevant, consistent and engaging.”
Those were the words of Tony Usidamen, Founder and Lead Consultant of Uburu – a creative Business Communication consultancy – at the media launch of the company in Lagos recently.
Explaining the vision behind the establishment of Uburu, Usidamen said that consumers’ shifting attitudes coupled with new ways of communicating and new communication languages require a full redefinition of communication models.
According to Usidamen, “The name of the game for brand-builders in this new world is listening and responding. Power resides with those who have the best understanding of customer and prospect needs, and can build strong personal connections through creativity and continuous innovation.”
“At Uburu, our passion is to help companies tell their stories in the most compelling fashion, and build powerful, enduring brands that people love. We thrive in creating engaging communication campaigns, and entering into a true dialogue with our clients’ principal stakeholders, inviting an empathetic and transformative experience.”
Founded on the values of ownership, creativity, innovation and persistence, Uburu offers expertise in key areas of business communication including public relations, marketing promotions, design services and media production.
The Uburu team comprises experienced and highly creative communication experts, working closely with clients and partners to provoke and support positive change in business strategy and process, leading to new and valuable ways of delivering customer attraction, engagement and business performance.
Clientele includes leading investment management and brokerage firm, Afrinvest, De Renaissance Hotel, Mynaijareviews,, and Quba Dance School.

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