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Tinubu’s Plot To Become Vice President Exposed, As Osinbajo Writes Resignation Letter In Advance

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Tinubu1-300x296Unknown to several political and events followers in the country, the vice presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress in the forth coming elections and a protégé of the National leader of the party, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Professor Yemi Osinbajo might just be holding the ticket in trust for his master as the plot for the Jagaban to achieve his ultimate aim at becoming the vice president,either through the front or the back door materializes making the end to justify the means.
Sources hinged that Osinbajo might be vice president for just about six months after the election if the Buhari/Osinbajo team wins the election. A close source who is also a confidant of the Asiwaju of South-West told us last week, “Professor Yemi Osinbajo will resign and the South-West leaders will put Tinubu forward as a replacement, it is our slot and we can put forward anybody we deem fit.”
Our investigations revealed that Bola Tinubu has succeeded in compelling Professor Osinbajo to write his letter of resignation in advance and the Jagaban is in possession of the letter, ‘this was done even before the professor of law and the son in law of the late sage, Obafemi Awolowo was pronounced the vice presidential candidate after a hectic battle for the ticket’.
It will be recalled that in 2011 when the then Action Congress of Nigeria and the Congress of Progressive Change of General mohammed Buhari were in the process of forming an alliance to fight the PDP, one of the conditions Tinubu gave for him to back the General was for his party to compel the running mate, Pastor Tunde Bakare to either step down or write a post dated letter of resignation, which will come into effect after the elections which the fiery clergy man refused to accent to which consequently led to the collapse of the “marriage” and the dismay performance of the Buhari/Bakare ticket in the South-West in the elections.
A source told us that even if General Buhari has forgotten and forgiven Tinubu over the whole saga and the post election trauma the Tinubu factor caused him because of the present realities and signs of times, Pastor Bakare is yet to forget and has always refered to the APC as the association of evil people and will never see himself associating with them.Osinbajo
This statement and posture of Tunde Bakare shows that a lot of water has definitely passed under the bridge and that for Tinubu to be pleased and made to work for someone, it must be done his own way or nothing which his party and Gen Buhari might have agreed to.
Even in Lagos State, if not for the kind of rapprochement being done within the party and the apathy towards the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the storm would’ve consumed the APC in Lagos.
To achieve this lofty dream, we gathered that Tinubu has decided to deploy his financial muscle into the elections as he sees this as his final attempt to actualize his dreams.
“In this regards he has given his foot soldiers, including his media and think tank team, the marching order to map out a grand plan at giving him the kind of image that will make him acceptable to Nigerians before and even after the 2015 elections,” said our source.

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