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Six (Important) Things Men Look For In Sex

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1. Self turn on

It is a biological or psychological fact that man turns himself on much faster than a woman does. Male genetic mechanism turns on itself when it comes to sexuality but female sexual drives need a bit of time and efforts from the male counterpart to activate. This slow revved process is not liked by many men. It is a fact that a large group of men like women who turn on themselves on bed; also women who take initiative themselves are liked all the more by men.

2. Men look for more fun

Lovemaking is no more just the activity of procreation for men. They look for more fun and maximum possible pleasure and satisfaction in the activity. Certain positions, certain practices etc., are wished by every man while on sex. Exploring varieties is loved by men. The only solution to find the funniest and satisfying ways is to talk on sexual interests and desires. Women fantasize much but men want to actualize the fantasies.

3. Men like to express it all

Suppressing the sexual wishes is the not the manly way of sexuality. They want it to be talked out. Psychologists reveal the fact that men always love to be guided in lovemaking. If the female counterpart can guide him through the action, expressing the pleasing ways to her, men achieve the highest peaks.

Many couple becomes failure on bed as they hesitate to express themselves or talk the sexual passions, being afraid of the reaction of the partner. Talking, discussing, and expressing the loved positions, desired practices and wished ways help men to fulfill his sexual needs in the most satisfactory way.

Men always look for variety in sexuality. The routine lovemaking with the same emotion, same position and same mood will make him ruin the spirit of the action. When you feel that your sexual life is growing dry, try to discuss each other and bring variety in the act. The mindset of men is much different from that of women. A typical woman may satisfy herself with the action and possibilities men suggests. But men can get bored soon with the same type sex every day.

Changes in speed, position, pressure etc., will make him feel variety. There are no unrestricted areas in sexuality; thus trespass wherever you want to enjoy the act to the maximum. It is a misconception that bed is the only platform for sexuality. Once in a while you can try it in the bathroom, kitchen and even in the swimming pool if you have enough privacy there.

5. Let him dominate

Most men do not tolerate women dominating over them, at least, in sexuality. Though, he likes getting guided and expressed of the counterpart’s desires, he wants to be the boss of the action always. Sexuality is a realm where men seek fulfillment of his fantasies, ambitions and passions in the way he likes it. Though many men compromise on this part considering the partner’s desires, if surrendered to his domination, he will enjoy sexuality more fruitfully.

6. Let him feel emotional peaks

It is the emotional heights that satisfy him more than physical climaxes. Though sex is incomplete with a physical climax of ejaculation for men, emotional elements will make him more involved the act. Massages, talks, various positions etc., will make him more satisfied. If men feel that each of his action is loved and enjoyed by the partner he may grow more active in the action of sex.

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Let him get the hint that you enjoy the actions by talking or through physical gestures. This will make him more emotionally satisfied. Sex, basically, is the act of sharing your love and emotions; thus expressing and exploring it in the maximum possible ways will make the action ever fresh and satisfying.

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