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RIGGING PLOT: DSS Arrests APC Chieftain and Supplier of PVC, Card Readers

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The Department of State Security, DSS, has arrested a chieftain of the All
Progressive Congress, APC, and owner of ACT Technologies, Alhaji Sani
Musa, believed to have supplied the PVC and Card Readers machines to the
Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.Sani, according to sources is believed to have supplied codes to the Card
Readers to the APC for the purpose of rigging the Presidential and
Governorship elections in favor of the APC.

But the APC in a Press statement signed by its Spokesman, Alhaji Lai
Mohammed said the Party does not subscribe to rigging, as the allegations
are “preposterous

The statement reads:

Good afternoon gentlemen and thank you, once again, for honouring our
invitation, despite the short notice.
With the elections just two days away, we are very concerned by the
increasingly-desperate plan by the ruling PDP to rig the elections at all
costs as well as the growing cases of harassment and intimidation of our
members across the country by PDP officials and candidates, using the
security agencies, which are supposed to be non-partisan and professional

Out of the desperation to win the elections at all costs, the PDP has
perfected a number of strategies to rig the elections, especially in the
North and in the South-west.

In one last desperate move, one Alhaji Sani Musa, the owner of ACT
Technologies, the company that supplied the PVCs and the Card Readers, has
been arrested and detained by DSS officials since Tuesday. Perhaps, the
agents of the ruling party believe he may have the codes for the Card
Readers, which is preposterous. Alhaji Musa has also been accused of
colluding with the APC to rig the elections, which is totally false
because we at the APC do not subscribe to rigging under any guise.
Another strategy is to deploy bandits in uniform to polling units to
disperse voters by force, after voter accreditation must have been
completed using the Card Reader. While that is going on, armed police and
soldiers will then come in, ostensibly to chase away the bandits and
evacuate INEC officials and voting materials. After evacuating them to
‘safety’, they will then coerce the electoral officials to allow them,
security agents that is, to cast all the ballots in the particular unit.

This strategy, to be used mostly in the PDP controlled states in the North
and the South-East, will be repeated in many polling units in many states,
because for each state and polling units, there is a calculated percentage
which the PDP must win

Yet another strategy, this time for APC controlled states, involves the
use of carrot and stick against APC agents. The carrot involves seeking to
buythe agents over with mouth-watering sums of money. If this fails,
security agents and PDP thugs will simply disrupt the voting and destroy
election materials.

Recall, gentlemen, that we have earlier raised the alarm about police and
military uniforms being sewn in some South-west states, for the use of
trained PDP thugs. The strategy we have outlined is the reason they have
engaged in the uniform sewing venture.

There is also a worrisome development in the Federal Capital Territory. In
at least three locations around the FCT, Jere along airport road, Karu
towards Nasarawa and Kubwa road, security agents have mounted road blocks
and are stopping North-bound travellers supposedly for a routine search.
But the real reason is to collect PVCs from passengers who have theirs on
them. Those who refuse to surrender theirs are being molested. This runs
against the pledge by the government to ensure free, fair, credible and
violence-free elections.

Finally, while at least three courts have ruled against the deployment of
troops for election purposes, we have it on good authority that these
rulings will be circumvented by deploying the troops but clothing them in
DSS outfits. They will be deployed mostly to the South-west, with strict
instructions to capture all states in the region, except Osun State.

We are therefore calling for vigilance by our members and supporters in
the region to expose all those who will sabotage the elections.
Plan to Engage in Bombing Spree In Opposition Strongholds
Plans are afoot to carry out a bombing spree in the major towns and cities
in APC-controlled states of Rivers, Lagos, Kano, Imo and Edo, with a view
to scaring away voters from the polling units. Ekiti and Ondo have also
been earmarked for Card Reader disruption. We are therefore using this
medium to alert the general public and the international community to
these evil machinations.

Harassment and Intimidation of Our members Nationwide
Gentlemen, as we speak, our members and supporters across the country are
being harassed and intimidated across the country, using the security
agencies, especially the police.
Sokoto State

Our members and supporters in Sokoto State are under siege from the PDP,
using security agencies.

Former Sokoto State Governor Attahiru Barafawa has openly threatened to
take the state by force.

Here is what he said, as quoted by today’s Daily Trust: “They said we are
planning to rig the elections in the state; I don’t know why they are
afraid of rigging when they know too well that they are products of the
same mechanism. Let me tell them that we will use force, rigging and our
ballot papers to send them away.”

With this open threat about rigging and the use of force, is anyone still
in doubt about the plan by the PDP to disrupt the elections in Sokoto
State? We asked all election monitors and observers to take note of
Barafawa’s open threat.
Ondo State

The police and PDP thugs in Ondo State, acting under instructions from Gov
Olusegun Mimiko, have laid a siege on the opposition in the state.
On Tuesday, Hon. Eniolorunda Omosule, a serving members of the House of
Representatives, representing Owo/Ose Federal Constituency, was arrested
and detained by the police for no reason other than to keep him away until
after elections.

APC members who were staging a peaceful walk at Ukparamu Ward 1, Bolowo
community of Ese-Odo Local Government Area, were attacked with machetes
and brutalised by PDP thugs, sponsored by the Special Adviser to the
President on Niger Delta, Mr. Kingsley Kuku, with full police and army

We are calling on the security chiefs to stop these harassment and
intimidation and to call their men to order, before things degenerate into
a free-for-all.
Imo State

In Imo State, an aide of Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, who is contesting the
governorship election on the platform of the PDP, sent more than 30 armed
mobile policemen to invade the homes of some APC youth members in his ward
at Mbutu in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area. The policemen fired
indiscriminately, smashed doors and windows and arrested some of the
youths, who were detained at the Uvuru Police Station and later moved to
the police headquarters in Owerri.

URGENT: And we have also just been told that all Commissioners of Police
in the South-west were yesterday invited to a secret meeting in Ibadan,
where they received a Presidential bribe delivered in bullion vans as
incentives for them to scuttle the elections in the region by acts of
intimidation, unlawful arrests, and turning a blind eye to all
irregularities and illegality that the PDP may perpetrate during
Saturday’s elections. The Minister of Police Affairs, Abduljelili
Adesiyan, one of the star actors in Ekitigate, also attended the meeting

BREAKING NEWS: We have this breaking news that all serving military
personnel and their wives, as well as everyone residing in the barracks
across the country, who are eligible to vote, will NOT be allowed to
exercise their franchise on Saturday. We do not know the reason behind
this, but it runs against the grain of international best practices in
elections. For elections anywhere to be credible, they must be free, fair
and peaceful,.and all Nigerians who are eligible to vote must be able to
do so, without fear or intimidation.


Gentlemen, all that we have enumerated above are just a few instances of
what is happening across the country, with less 48 hours to Saturday’s

These things are happening despite the assurances by the Jonathan
Administration, given even as late as yesterday, to ensure a free, fair,
transparent and peaceful elections. They are also happening despite the
pledge by the Inspector-General of Police and the Service Chiefs to
provide security for the elections.

We are seriously concerned because it seems the PDP-led Jonathan
government has decided to anchor their rigging plans on the use of
security agencies, which are institutions of state that should not only be
fair and neutral, but protect all Nigerians, irrespective of their party

The reason this is happening is because no One has yet been held to
account for Ekitigate, where security personnel, including policemen,
soldiers, DSS and Civil Defence agents – all of whom we have their names,
service numbers and telephone numbers – were wantonly used to rig the June
21st governorship elections.

We sincerely hope that, in spite of their oath of office, the security
chiefs have not jettisoned every appearance of impartiality ahead of
Saturday’s election. We

We hope that as Commanders of Men and Material, they would bear FAITHFUL
ALLEGIANCE to the OATH they took as Officers of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria. We also believe that they will ensure the same for all those
under their Command.

Again, we call on all Nigerians in general and our members and supporters
in particular to be extra vigilant before, during and after the elections,
while eschewing violence and refusing to be provoked at all times.
We also called on all election observers and monitors, both local and
foreign, to take a special interest in the role of the security agencies
during the elections, in view of the various instances we have cited
Gentlemen, I thank you for your time

Alhaji Lai Mohammed
National Publicity Secretary
Progressives Congress (APC)
Lagos, March 26th 2015

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