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Refutal: Ned Nwoko, Police And Idumuje-Ugboko Crises

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The facts have continued to emerge on the real cause(s) of the crises that engulfed Idumuje-Ugboko community in recent time. The facts are overwhelming and have gone a long way to absolve Prince Ned Nwoko, a politician, philanthropist and a great son with unequaled passion to develop the kingdom.

It is therefore surprising that some faceless and untutored propagandists would hit the social media with lies and concoctions in an attempt to save some drowning chics like one faceless Ferdinand Osuofia who claimed to be a public affairs analyst.

The same Ferdinand Osuofia, who authored An Open Letter To The Inspector General Of Police as posted by another jobber, Abel Orukpe on June 2, 2017 in one of the social media outlets, attempted to disparage the Commissioner of Police, Delta State Police Command and Prince Ned Nwoko in particular.

However, the Premium Times has since denied both Ferdinand and Abel Orukpe but it is important to address some of the issues they raised while trying to promote their paymasters.

The issues he canvassed in his misguided write up were like bathing a pig with clean water only for it to soil its body anew. It is natural that a pig can never appreciate clean environment.

While defending his masters, to justify the his pay, he claimed that policemen, who have dispassionately investigated the various crimes perpetrated by royal princes in the kingdom, including, but not limited to forgery, rape and murder of late monarch, Obi Albert Nwoko 111, have been dining and wining with Prince Ned Nwoko and therefore mortgaged their interest in investigating the matters.

He also claimed that Prince Ned Nwoko sponsored thugs that stormed Idumuje-Ugboko to unleash mayhem. These are the summary of his biased o0pinion which he expressed attempting the sway the mind of right thinking indigenes and the public.

Alas, he failed woefully. Truth can always prevail over falsehood. The fact remains that Prince Ned Nwoko has stood on the part of truth and had spoken against injustice in the kingdom.

He had supported the wives of the late king forcefully ejected from the palace allegedly by Prince Nonso Nwoko and also stood by 15-year old Princess raped in the palace. He is also sympathizing with the people over the alleged murder of the late king.

These are his sins that Ferdinand and his likes have failed to tell the public in his published article titled “An Open Letter To The Inspector-General Of Police”.

But he refused to tell the world why the crowned king, Nonso, and his cronies have refused to allow Ned access to the land approved for the Star University, Idumuje-Ugboko. He could not tell the world that the likes of Nonso and Barrister Mbanefo Nwoko were mobilizing the people to pursue personal vendetta against Ned.

Unarguably, most of their supporters were ignorant of why they were fighting but recent development have opened their eyes and they are not only convinced on the need to have a university in their community, but now condemn Nonso, Mbanefo and others who have misled them and further brought mercenaries to fortify palace urchins that unleashed violence and unprecedented mayhem on the community.

Ferdinand, blurred by sentiments, fail to inform the public that all those attacked during the invasion were supporters of Ned Nwoko and building of a university. Up till date, no fewer than 100 youths and elders, including the Iyase of Idumuje-Ugboko, Chief Chris Ogwu, are taking refuge in Mount Ned Nwoko.

It is important to point out that all the casualties of the arson, bullet wounds and destruction of properties are Hon Prince Ned Nwoko’s sympathizers and there is none from the opposing side. If Ned was the person that hired thugs, would the opposing side not suffer any casualty?

Suffice to state that the recent meeting of both factions to the imbroglio in Idumuje-Ugboko, hosted by the Assistant Inspector-General of Police in-charge of Zone, Benin City, Abubaka Adamu Mohammed, has opened up a rail for peaceful resolution of all contending issues. It is, therefore, wrong to accuse police of taking side with any faction.

Prince Ned Nwoko is a man of peace. He is disposed to all peaceful moves aimed at resolving the crises. He is also a law abiding citizen and will abide by the directives of the AIG for peace to return in Idumuje-Ugboko.

However, the likes of Ferdinand and Abel, if truly they exist, should be told in clear terms that Ned Nwoko is not the cause of the crises in the kingdom, but rather has spent his money to ensure justice and peaceful co-existence of members of the royal family. In doing this, he NEVER tried to buy over the police. He is so enlightened to know that police should be allowed to do their job, which is what they have done.

Police have investigated the cases and found some suspects culpable and consequently arraigned them in courts. However, the cases can still be resolved as postulated by the AIG because it is still not late

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