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President Buhari Is Rebuilding Nigeria -Lagos Lawmaker

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A lawmaker in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Abiodun Tobun has said that President Muhammadu Buhari is trying to re-build Nigeria, which he said was demolished by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-led government.

He added in a recent interview that Buhari’s government meant well for the country, and that the house has been demolished over time and that to build it would be difficult.

“Nigeria has been demolished and the APC is trying to see how we can re-build it. It has not been so easy because they have created a lot of problems. Corruption has become a canker-worm as it has eating deep into our system. Very soon, people would see what will happen.
“You have seen what is happening across the country and across Lagos State. Former president Goodluck Jonathan was there for six years, and two years as vice president. President Muhammadu Buhari has only been there for few months. A new born child cannot walk, he can only walk after about a year and start running after about four years. We should give him two years before we can judge him,” he said.

Tobun, who is representing Epe Constituency 1 in the Assembly, stated that some elements are still around in Nigeria to sabotage the government.

He cited an example of what is happening in  NNPC, where he said that there have been a lot of re-organisations, saying that a lot of people have stolen Nigerian money and kept them in some accounts.

According to him,  they were throwing these money around, but that with the agenda the government has put in place, Nigerians should start smiling in the next one year.

“Don’t forget that this is the first budget that President Buhari would implement. The one he implemented was the latter part of that of former president Jonathan. You could see what happened with the 2016 budget, which some people tried to manipulate.

“You could see that some elements that were there are still around. We are trying to see how the bad elements would be removed. It would not be easy, but we should give Buhari more time to work,” he stated.

On the constant travelling of President Buhari, he said that he needed to meet with other leaders and discuss with them so that they could work together on the way forward.

Commenting on power supply, fuel scarcity and the expected change in the country, the lawmaker said that some elements have been vandalising government equipment thereby causing fuel scarcity and power outage.

He stated that if the people wanted change, they must change with the government, and that if the government has not achieved the change, the people must be patient with the government.

“Vandalization is from the members of the public and we know them. If you talk of change, we are having positive change. Electricity is a bit stable now and we all know what is happening about fuel scarcity.  It is the people that have been cut short that are trying to cause problem for the government, but it is only for a short time,” he said

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