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Popular Auto Dealer, Lanre Shittu Snatches Zenith Bank Manager’s Wife

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An Assistant Manager in Zenith Bank is heartbroken and devastated. And unfortunately, the young woman he gave his life to tore his heart to pieces and ran into the arms of another man, a popular car dealer in Lagos who already has about four wives.

This is the story of Owolabi Bankole an Assistant Manager with Zenith Bank, Sango Ota, Ogun State branch; Ebunoluwa Akinosi-Bankole, a young female lawyer who works with Ojutalayo Law Chambers in Ota, Ogun State, and Alhaji Lanre Shittu, the owner of Lanre Shittu Motors in Surulere, Lagos.

According to investigations conducted by, in the early 2000, Owolabi Bankole, a young and handsome University graduate met Ebunoluwa Akinosi, daughter of Chief Bola Akinosi, a retired custom officer who lives in Ota, Ogun State. The young lads began to date and many of their peers envied their relationship.

Banky, as Owolabi Bankole is popularly called by friends was working with the Ota branch of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) then, while Ebun Akinosi just gained admission to study Law at the Olabisi Onabano University, OOU. learnt that Banky did not spare anything to spoil Ebun while in school. The then undergraduate Ebun was known to all the staffers of the UBA as Banky’s girlfriend.
We were told that in OOU, Ebun began to mix with big babes on campus and eventually met one of Chief Lanre Shittu’s daughters. Ebun and the lady became five and six, partying and rolling together. was told that one day, Ebun visited her friend in her father’s house and the unexpected happened.

“Ebun is a very beautiful girl. When Alhaji Lanre Shittu saw her, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He told Ebun point blank that he liked her and want to be dating her and Ebun agreed”, our source quipped. learnt that while in 200 level in school, Lanre Shittu went to his auto shop and gave Ebun a Mazda Saloon Car as a token gift for being a good girl.

Ebun and Lanre became so engrossed in their love affair that almost all the students in OOU at that time knew about the relationship.

Meanwhile, Lanre Shittu’s daughter had a bitter quarrel with Ebun for dating her father and at the end, both friends parted ways, while Ebun continued with the relationship with Lanre Shittu.

When she got to 400 level in school, Ebun got another exotic car from Lanre. She also got a well stocked shop where she sells jewelries called “Oyin Gold” courtesy of the millionaire auto dealer. Ebun also began to travel to Dubai on the bills of Alhaji Lanre Shittu.
While all these were going on, Ebun kept her affair with her long time banker boyfriend, Banky. gathered that some friends of the young banker opened up to him that Lanre Shittu is dating his girlfriend and he’s responsible for all the luxury at the beck and call of the girl.

Banky, we learnt always ignored his friends and before long, he severed relationship with friends. He also turned deaf ears and closed his eyes to all that Ebun was doing then.
Ebun graduated from OOU, went to Law School and began to work with a popular Law Chamber – Ojutalayo Chambers in Ota, Ogun State, while Banky moved to Zenith Bank.

Later, Ebun got pregnant and had the Yoruba traditional wedding with Banky. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy about three years ago and everything was going on smooth for the young family.

In order to satisfy his wife and make life comfortable for her, learnt Banky took a loan of several millions of naira and gave it to Ebun to add to her business.

However, in the mid 2011, the couple began to have hiccups in their marriage and Ebun reportedly threatened to leave Banky’s home. Banky we learnt ran to his father-in-law, Chief Akinosi’s house to help beg his daughter not to leave him. Chief Akinosi obviously aware of the cantankerous ways of his daughter allegedly berated his son-in-law for behaving like a weakling, saying he will not interfere in the couple’s marital affair.

But let us rewind a bit, we learnt authoritatively that Ebun’s mother, Mrs Tina Akinosi who has 6 children (all girls) for Chief Akinosi had not been living in her matrimonial home for some years now. was informed that, Chief Akinosi kicked his wife, Tina, out of their home along Ilogbo road, Ota, Ogun State when another woman went in tears to the retired customs officer to help beg his wife (Tina) to desist from having affair with her husband.

Investigations revealed that Mrs Tina Akinosi was having an affair with a young man, a clearing and forwarding agent who also lives in Ota. Chief Akinosi reportedly investigated the allegation and found it to be true. Thereafter, he sent his wife out of his home.

Sources told that after Banky and Ebun got married. Mrs Tina (Ebun’s mother) moved in to live with her daughter.

So after Chief Akinosi dismissed Banky that he won’t interfere in the troubled marriage, the banker went back home to beg his wife not to leave him. Ebun agreed and they continued with their life.

Unknown to Banky, Ebun had other plans. About 2 months ago, while Banky was busy at work, Ebun packed all her belongings including some electronics in her husband’s home and disappeared into thin air.

Banky got home to find the apartment empty and when he called his wife, she told him straight up that she has gone for good. It was later found out that Ebun left her husband for her long time “Aristo”, Alhaji Lanre Shittu. findings revealed that Lanre Shittu bought a house for Ebun in Lekki, Lagos where she is currently living.

Interestingly, Mrs Tina Akinosi who was living with the couple, had left three months earlier before her daughter packed out on a pretext that she was travelling to her hometown in Edo State.

This however fuelled speculations that Tina Akinosi probably helped her daughter hatched the plot to leave her husband.

“It’s very possible that the mother knows her daughter’s plan. Why would she leave the place, and few months after, her daughter too left. Mother and daughter plotted it together”, a source stated emphatically.

Another source told us that while Ebun was living in Banky’s house, she was seeing Lanre Shittu secretly.

‘’There was never a time Ebun left Lanre Shittu. Banky was just behaving like an idiot. The girl wanted the life of a society lady and Banky is a quite type. I am not surprise that she has ran back to Lanre Shittu to become the fifth or sixth wife”, the source concluded.

Friends of the Zenith Bank big boy however said, he is currently devastated by the action of his wife, but trying to cope with it.

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