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Peak Wazobia: A story of quality nutrition at pocket friendly price

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If quality and affordability is what you are looking for, look no further. East, West, North or South; Peak Wazobia Milk is the brand that provides quality nutrition to all classes of people at a pocket friendly price.

Milk is a highly essential and nutritious dairy product fortified with essential nutrients to enhance the performance of the body and mind.

This dairy product forms a key part of most homes breakfast table and can be taken with cereals, pap, custard, tea and so many more. East or west, north or south there is no demographic barrier to the consumption of milk neither is there a class of people that doesn’t consume this nutritious dairy product.

To make this nutritious product affordable to all, Peak Wazobia; A low unit portion pack (LUPP) at the unit price of N50 was recently introduced to Nigerians and the acceptance has spread rapidly like wild fire.

The reason is not far-fetched, Peak milk is an international brand which has been around in Nigeria for over 60 years, the name Peak Milk is synonymous with quality and is the choice of many homes.

According to Ifeanyi Hamilton; Managing Director of The New Diplomat Multimedia Limited, Peak Wazobia is a pocket friendly product that compliments his cup of tea every morning.

‘I can’t leave my house in the morning without a cup of tea; Peak Wazobia Milk comes in handy just for that. With prices of milk shooting through the roof, the affordability of the Peak Wazobia is a welcome development. And don’t forget, it is the same widely accepted peak milk that all Nigerians have come to love’’ he said

He is not alone, Opeyemi Adeyinka, also shared her Peak Wazobia experience.

‘Peak Milk is an accepted brand that is synonymous with quality. That, coupled with the low price makes it a double winner. It sounds almost unbelievable that you can buy Peak Milk Wazobia for N50, but thanks to Peak Milk for making it happen.”

Mrs. Isijola Bakare, a mother of two from Sango Otta in Ogun state said Peak Wazobia is her children’s favourite.

According to her, Peak Milk is a household’s name in the country and the introduction of the Wazobia pack has further entrenched its acceptance.

‘I grew up knowing peak milk. In fact, Peak milk is synonymous with milk in the country. The introduction of the Wazobia Pack is a welcome development. At this time that resources are scarce, it is good to know that you can get same quality at a lesser price” she said.

‘Whenever I go to the market with my kids, they always point to Peak Wazobia; they enjoy it with their cereal, beverages and also like to take it like that directly from the sachet’

Samuel Onojafe, a blogger said the introduction of Peak Wazobia is the in thing for him now.

‘Peak Milk is my all-time favourite milk, but with the state of the economy, I could not afford to buy as often as I wanted, you could then imagine my joy when I heard of the Peak Wazobia which sells for just N50.

At first, I was a little bit skeptical that it was impossible to get the same quality associated with the iconic Peak Milk for that small amount, but, alas, a trial convinced me’’ he said

He went further to express gratitude to the company for supplying the nutritional need of Nigerians at such a small price.

It is not only consumers that are benefitting from the impact of Peak Wazobia, Adamu Abubakar, who operates a kiosk in Alagbado reveals that Peak Wazobia is one of the fastest moving products in his kiosk as customers are always demanding for the product which in turn translated to better sales.

“I go to the market almost every week as Peak Wazobia Milk is always in constant demand by customers, and you know the better the sale, the more money for me” he said in smattering English language.

It’s not only the content that sets the product aside from its counterparts, the easy to use nature and well-designed pack makes it a choice for many.

With its mastery of the industry and ever improving innovation, it is safe to say that Peak Wazobia Milk has come to stay and will continue to be at the peak while providing nutrition at an affordable price.

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