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Peak Milk Celebrates 60 years of Nourishing Goodness !!

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Peak picsNigeria’s foremost dairy company, FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria PLC celebrated its top brand, Peak milk at 60 on Saturday, 23rd of May 2015.

The colorful milestone celebration of 60 years of nourishing goodness was staged inside the magnificent Zinnia hall of the Eko Hotel and Suites.

The event was well attended by consumers from all walks of life including top personalities from the media, children and notable celebrities led by former Nigeria international and Olympic Gold medalist, Kanu Nwankwo.

The Managing Director, FrieslandCampina WAMCO, Mr. Rahul Colaco described Peak as “a truly Nigerian iconic brand”.

In his opening speech, Colaco expressed happiness and appreciation of Nigerian’s loyalty to Peak milk and “particularly those who have come from far and near for the celebration of 60 years of nourishing Nigeria with quality dairy nutrition.”

He said, “since the presence of Peak in the Nigerian market, the brand has continued to grow despite several changes in the market. Peak’s success is attributed to two things: First, a singular focus, which is to nourish Nigerians with quality dairy nutrition in order to reach their Peak. Second, continually exploring ways to stand out of the crowded shelf and touch our consumers through every stage of their lives. Peak has won industry recognition as an innovative and trendsetting brand that delivers superior dairy nutrition across life-stages. The Brand’s positive results and success is about connecting with our Consumers, supporting our Business Partners and communities to pursuing their aspirations and reach for their Peak!

“Every Nigerian grew up with Peak; Nigerians are still growing with Peak and without Nigerians, there won’t be 60 years of Peak milk, the iconic brand that has served the good people of Nigeria from generation to generation.”

Colaco opened the stage for an evening of classic entertainment by adding that, “tonight is special! Let’s capture some magical moments, let’s create happy memories and let’s surround ourselves with laughter and friendship.”

There was comedy by ace entertainer, Gordons, dance drama and an electrifying presentation of “the foremost symbols and connotation of the Peak elements.”  It was an exciting journey into the visual world of Peak, exploring the various symbols on the pack-River, Mountain, Canoe and Palm Tree. This pulsating and captivating story was presented in a fascinating piece of music-drama.

Guests were also taken through the story of Peak Yesterday, Today and the Future helping Nigerians achieve their dreams.

There were also the inspiring stories of those who came, saw and conquered with Peak. The story of Madam Ajoke Okusanya, who rose from a petty trader to a Keu Business Partner Peak; the amazing story of popular female artiste, Yemi Alade, was also a key highlight. Yemi Alade, the sensational “Johnny” crooner, won the first edition of Peak Talent Show in 2009 and told the world she would never have become a musician without the Peak Talent Show platform. ‘’I actually wanted to get my B.Sc, get a job, settle down and live a private life until the Peak Talent Show came up and the rest as you can see is  history”, she said.

The Marketing Director, Mr. Tarang Gupta in his closing remarks emphasized that the introduction of Peak in Nigeria 60 years ago gave the people “an experienced of a new beginning with sharper minds, stronger body and matchless opportunities to bring out the best in them and reach for their peak. This is the inspiring story of Peak in Nigeria.”

He added that the story of the Peak brand is about Nigeria and the Nigerian people. “It’s your story, the story of the generations before you and the generations that will come after you. This is the celebration of our great past, happy present and brighter future.”

“To Peak, there’s greatness in everyone. It lives in us. All we have to do is believe in it, work hard at it and we will surely achieve it. Peak at 60 is a celebration of your story, my story, our story and the story of our great nation, Nigeria.” He concluded.

About FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria

FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria PLC has been a necessary part of most Nigerian homes since 1954 through its iconic brand Peak Milk. Our Company is a multinational manufacturing company and an affiliate of Royal FrieslandCampina of The Netherlands, one of the largest dairy cooperative in the world. We are the makers of Peak, Three Crowns and Friso brands of milk in Nigeria. Over the years, FrieslandCampina WAMCO has maintained leadership of the Evaporated milk market with its Peak brand. Guided by an inspiring mission, Nourishing Nigeria with quality dairy nutrition, we are unwavering in the provision of quality, nutritious milk products to Nigerians.

To further increase its local content and support Federal Government’s initiative to grow the Agriculture sector, FrieslandCampina WAMCO pioneered the Dairy Development Program (DDP) in August 2010. This is gradually developing into a full national program as the Company is dedicated to making the initiative a success by ensuring the transfer of Technology Know-How on milk production to Nigerian farmers. The Company plans to further train and consult with farmers, with the support of the Government.

 FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria PLC will maintain its No. 1 position as the nation’s leading milk manufacturing Company by investing in its people, products and projects and by being an excellent corporate citizen.

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