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My dear American friends,

As clock tickles for your general election to determine who leads America in the next four years, we care about the poll because your election is not just about who leads America, it is about who leads the world.

We, from other parts of the world, are remotely participating in your election because the policies of American government are effective on the rest of the world. In this race however, we feel that American democracy which has become model for the rest of the world is threatened; threatened by the danger of pre-election contest of assumed victory; threatened by vulgar and violent statements; threatened by intimidation of voters; threatened by hate speeches and attacks on the Latina, Afro-Americans, Latino Muslims and immigrants.

The US election is continuously threatened by possible influence of the Russia; it is threatened by premature FBI/wikileak sensual. Your election is threatened by the fear of your country losing its democratic respect before the world if Americans are unable to stem potential dangers that have characterised the 2016 race – aggression, anger and despair.

If Trump wins, we are going to have a President that can simply trigger crisis with careless and emotional response to issues that requires thorough reasoning and considerations In the past, what we have seen in the finals of the US elections overtime are two Presidential potentials that are often too good for anyone of them to lose at the poll. The case is clearly different in the current scenario. How America gets to the Trump assuming the front stage of America’s political process is left for Americans to find out and guard against in the future.

This election means differently to different races in the world. To us, it goes a long way at assessing the thinking of the Americans in the 21st century world. It determines if America still wants to be in the forefront and be respected for being the custodian of global diplomacy which is the bedrock of a sustainable living.

Dear friends, with some hours to your elections, I can tell you the world is emotionally attached to getting rid of a Trump through your fingers at the ballot. If you don’t know, I tell you that we fancy the truism that those who have led America have always acquired quintessential track records of steady knowledge of governance and global issues; they are either former Senator, ex-Governors or top ranking profiles in the service of the State. Rising from business background is not a crime to contest for the highest office in the land, but the potential dangers posed by Trump’s lack of the workings of politics is as bad as giving a sharp sword to a blind man to swing amid the crowd.

If Trump’s argument is to protect Americans and make it great again, he should not forget that globalisation is the prerequisite for global-interdependence; and as no country can grow in isolation, no government can also grow nor tackle global challenges in isolation. That is why none of the living former American Presidents is ready to endorse Trump’s dangerous agenda. They know what American values are and saw Trump deviate from the ideal.

Can I tell you my friends that the contest for race to the White House is no longer between two leading political parties, neither a contest between leading genders. It is a contest for the soul of America. The US either survives this or head for the rock.

How does someone make America great again in real sense? Donald Trump has failed to show Americans a clear blueprint and manifesto for making America great. An aspiring President candidate that is bereft of constitution is a super danger for the 21st century governance.

The core Republicans are even afraid of Trump!
All Trump can flout are messages of hatred and bigotry to everyone that does not see the issue in his perspective. Obviously, the constitution and the nation are under attack with Donald Trump running in this race. Trump’s lack of constitution, rule of Law, democratic values and international diplomacy is fearful.

My good friends, we are worried by the possibility of Trump as American President insulting leader of another country carelessly and spark a cold war. A racist and radicalised elitist that wants every country to grow nuclear weapon is potentially danger to not only America but to the world. Trump is simply discriminatory, selective, snobbish, violent, snooty and such a radicalised goon. A President that wants to insult and fight other races of the world to protect Americans knows not what global-interdependence means…obviously will make more enemies for the Americans from the rest of the world.
If Hilary has offences against America in anyway, Trump is definitely not a good alternative. Hilary’s profile in leadership and governance are impressively proven by her campaign pattern, while Trump’s lack of it is also explicit in the manner of his approach. An American court recently issued restraint order to Trump supporters from intimidating voters; this happening for the very first time in the modern history of America’s democracy.

Those funding Trump are racists and business cartels who want to dominate global space for a project unknown to many…more porous global space means more business for them. That is the truth and not all of you Americans are aware of this fact. Either Jew or Russia controls America is to be defined by Americans themselves. But I must tell you my friends that Trump has successfully sold to the world a terror-personified characteristic and tendencies.

With Trump’s bad records on women, physically challenged, races, religions and the rest, a Trump elected as President of the United States of America in the next few days simply tells us who Americans are in the present circumstance. If Obama’s achievements on job increase, health care, improved education, revived economy and peace negotiations around the world means nothing to the Americans, and feel like going back to start the new dispensation from where George Bush Jr. ended it in 2007, we can only bid America a farewell.

Lastly, my dear good friends, I want to say that we are with the America and the Americans. As we were worried about prediction on break of Nigeria as foretold by an American diplomat, we are also worried about prediction of doomsday for America that better imagined. No doubt, we believe Trump will be stopped at the poll. Going by the CNN’s pre-poll x-ray, we know where the pendulum swings as the rest of the world can’t wait to welcome the first female President of the United States of America.
With love from Nigeria,

Hon. Olusegun Olulade

Olulade is a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, representing Epe Constituency II

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