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One-Day Governor: MSSN Urges Other States To Emulate LASG

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‎The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit has urged governors in Nigeria to emulate the Lagos State Government by rewarding outstanding students.

Amir of MSSN in Lagos State, Saheed Ashafa, made the appeal when the group hosted ‎ the Lagos State One-Day Governor and his cabinet at a reception held at Ikorodu, Lagos.‎

According to Ashafa, the initiative of celebrating outstanding students with the accolade of being a day governor and cabinet members will promote creativity and academic prowess.

“‎We commend the Lagos State Government for this initiative, especially the founder of the Spelling Bee Competition. We hope that other state government will emulate this laudable initiative and stop wasting the state’s resources on frivolities or promotion of intellectually defective projects,” he added.‎

While urging the students not to relent in emerging top in their academics, he ‎advised that only activities that would make them improve should be embarked upon.

He said, “‎You must see your new feat as a challenge and not necessarily as victory. We are proud of your emergence and will do everything within our capability to support you. Consider developing a unique strategy to cope with every challenge that you are confronted with.

“However, I believe it is more advantageous to be disciplined, focussed and better prepared to overcome disturbances from friends and even family members. We are proud to associate with you on this noble achievement. ‎You are the current champions, and as champions don’t stop unleashing your potentials.”‎

The guest speaker of the occasion, ‎Dr. Mutiu Qasim, urged the students to aspire to be at the top in all their endeavours.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Academic Excellence’, Qasim ‎asked the students to discover themselves by recognising their strengths and weaknesses.

He said, “‎Be what you are. It is the first step to discovering yourself. Set achievable goals for yourself; celebrate what you have accomplished but raise the bar a little higher every time you accomplish a goal; develop the attitude of the excellent ones; continuously desire to win, succeed and reach the peak; be pious and rely on God.”‎

Subsequently, the President of the Muslim students in Lagos presented the Distinguished Personality Award to the winner of the Lagos State Spelling Bee who was made the One-Day Governor, Master Olasehinde Joshua; the first runner-up who was the One-Day Deputy Governor, Master Abdulrauf Komolafe; the second runner-up who was the One-Day Speaker, Miss Okinbaloye Rashidat and Miss Abdulkareem Asiyat who won the Governor’s Quiz Competition and was the One-Day Commissioner for Education.

Receiving his award, the One-Day Governor, urged other students to always make the best use of their time saying, “You can be better than I am, create time for things that are meaningful.”‎

On her part, Abdulkarim added, “I now know that it is good to succeed. We must try all our best to become a leading personality and be modest in our character.”‎

While pointing to the hijab on her, she urged Muslim students to endeavour to always represent the Hijab in the best way and not to commit vices with it.‎

Okinbaloye urged them to never relent in their quest for success, saying, “Success is not meant for a person, it is meant to be shared, so, let us all try to succeed.”‎

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