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OGOGORO: Death Toll Rises To 66 In Rivers State

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The death toll of those who have died after consuming dog meat and the locally brewed gin popularly known as Ogogoro or kai-kai has increased to 66, across four local government areas of Rivers state. The local governments affected are Ahoada, Gokana, Bonny Island and Obio-Akpor.

In a related development, Dr Roland Obed Whyte, Director of Disease Control of Ministry of Health Rivers state, who gave latest update regretted that the number of deaths is spreading faster than anticipated because the brewers of local gin are now introducing, ethanol, methanol and formalin in brewing process which are very dangerous to the body.

Health officials of the Health Ministry have reiterated that in attempt to control the rate of the spread of death, the federal government banned the consumption of local gin popularly called Ogogoro in because it contains methanol, formalin and ethanol.

Dr Simeon Ibufubara Manuel of Public Health has expressed concern that the deaths from the poisonous gin are far higher than Ebola Virus yet people who are addicted to it are reluctant to give up the habit.

He disclosed that members of the public are more scared of Ebola than local gin and food
delicacies prepared with local gin.

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