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OBITUARY: How Heart-broken Kefee Survived A Failed Marriage And Found Love Again

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2Born Kefee Obareki in Sapele, Delta State, she had all the signs of stardom stamped on her: a beautiful voice, a restless spirit and a ting of controversy.

She started quite early and by eight, she was already in the church choir. Even as a teenage chorister, rumours were spreading that she was sleeping with the choir director, Alec Godwin ─ the pastor’s son.

The rumours nearly broke the church as the pastor was accused of protecting his son. It was all rumours, Godwin would reveal years later, but it did not stop the two of them from eventually falling in love and getting married, against the wishes of Kefee’s mother, Ejirooghene.

Godwin recalled, when the marriage eventually headed for the rocks, that Kefee’s mother told her something on the day of their wedding which remained a mystery to him.

According to Godwin, Kefee came out of the conversation looking sad and “did not sleep with me for three days”. The marriage lasted from 2005 to 2008, and the divorce was as dirty as it could be.

Godwin told an interviewer the beginning of their crisis: “It all started on March 16, 2008, on a Sunday morning. There was a programme in Abuja and she was supposed to go and minister in church. She said there was no need for me to join her and that I should just drop her at the airport and come and pick her up when she came back. I agreed. “But when she came back from Abuja, I started noticing some changes. Kefee never liked staying at home alone. But since she came back, Kefee could afford to stay alone and she was always with her phone. It was strange. For the first time, Kefee would walk away while we are recording. She would be away for at least an hour and nobody would know where she was. She was always telling me she was playing games on her phone or that she was holding family meeting with her mom on the phone. I never really bought those excuses. “After about two or three weeks, I had to investigate her phone. It was all about her phone. As she slept one night, I went through her inbox and the first message I saw was sent to her by a man called Uche. It reads, ‘How can you continue to stay with a man you say you don’t love?’ She replied with, ‘I have to take this step by step. We can’t rush this. I promise I will get out. I love you.’ I read a lot of things about babies in the text messages. It was obvious that she had told him we didn’t have a child. He kept telling her how he was going to give her twins from their first intercourse.” Kefee, a graduate of public administration from the University of Benin, denied all the allegations, and the divorce papers at the Enugu magistrate court were quite scandalous. She said her reasons for wanting a divorce were that Godwin was “always demanding anal sex and he bedwets”. She accused him of womanizing, sleeping with her friends and even the girlfriend of his friend. She also accused him of always beating her up, such that she had to learn Taekwando in order to defend herself. Above all, money. She said Godwin, who was the producer and promoter of her music career (she released her chart-busting Branama album on Alex Music), was ripping her off. Godwin denied all these accusations. He said he never asked for anal sex and was always faithful to her “because I met her a virgin”. He said the allegation of bedwetting was meant to ridicule him and bring him down. He also denied ripping her off. He accused Kefee of denying him sex, “always crying when I touch her and at some point, she suggested I get other girls to sleep with so long as I don’t leave her”.

The divorce was eventually granted and after a particularly difficult period of moving on with her life, she fell in love again. This time with on-air personality, Teddy Esosa, who ─ by the way ─ was her former husband’s good friend. They secretly got married in 2012.

She seemed to have found perfect happiness and her career was revived again. Her rise has been phenomenal and now now goes on performance tours in different countries.

Kefee had this to say about her new husband in an interview last year: “My husband is a very nice guy and I am actually writing a book about my first marriage. The bottom line is that I am happy and if you ask me, this is the first time I am getting married… We’ve known each other for a long time, and when he felt it was time, he proposed to me. The rest is now history, like they say.”

The death of Kefee on Friday morning followed weeks of speculations that she had come out of the coma after collapsing on a 14-hour flight to Chicago, United States, for a performance. The cause of her ill-health was initially reported as pregnancy-induced high blood pressure but it has now been confirmed as “lung failure” by her UK-based manager, Adeline Adelicious Adebayo.

She reportedly never came out of the coma, despite a message being posted on her twitter account claiming she was back to life. She had been in coma for six days before ─ when she was much younger. The mother said on a TV programme two years ago: “As a devoted Christian, our family always fasted every Friday.

Then, one day, Kefee slumped and was unconscious for six days. Considering that I had lost a child before, I couldn’t bear the pain of losing another one. I would roll on the ground, crying and praying that God should restore my child to good health.” Luckily, she came back to life, but the miracle was not to be repeated this time around, sending her fans into tears and sorrow.


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