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‘My wife used to beat me a lot’ – Cool FM Presenter, Freeze Cries Out

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Cool FM On Air Personality (OAP), Ifedayo Olarinde aka Freeze has alleged that his estranged wife used to beat him up.

The controversial presenter uploaded pictures of himself with some wounds on Instagram and added the words, “One of the many injuries I received from my violent ex which also include a broken nose which still negatively affects my state of well being.”

In another picture showing him bleeding from a wound just above his left eye, he wrote, “A deep cut I sustained from her throwing a cup at me because I dared to question her for returning home intoxicated at 11:55pm on a weekday.”

On yet another picture, he wrote, “Another incident when my ex tried to strangle me. Do you want more pictures? I used to be like this at least twice a month. Yet my pastor advised me to stay that divorce is a sin. After the separation, I realized that my life was far more important than the institute of marriage. Every moment spent with an abusive partner could be your last…”

It should be recalled that Freeze separated from his wife last year, and he has usually taken to his social media accounts to accuse her of being an adulterous woman, and also a man-beater.

Meanwhile, his posts have attracted mixed reactions from his followers. Some believed he was being childish for putting up such posts as a man, while others encouraged him to speak out irrespective of his gender.

Here are some of the pictures he posted…..

freez 1freeze2freez 3freeze 4freeze 5freez 6

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