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My relationship with Tiwa Savage – Lola Savage

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American-born Nigerian singer, Lola Savage, is not related to Tiwa Savage. Though they bear same surname, Lola says she’s not trying to be like Tiwa Savage who is a big name in the Nigerian music industry. Instead, she expresses her desire to do a collabo with the songstress to prove to the world that she’s not back in Nigeria to compete with the Mavin records queen of songs. She shares her story with Showtime Celebrity.

How do you intend to break into the Nigerian music scene?

I am just a singer and I love to do it to the best of my ability. I am going to be myself even though there are many female artistes at the moment. I am going to work very hard in ensuring  that I share my own craft with the world.

Lola-Savage-1What is your selling point as an entertainer?

It’s my looks and my voice.I don’t have the Beyonce kind of voice or that of Tiwa, Waje or Omawunmi. My voice isn’t as strong as theirs, but I do know that I have a beautiful voice. I can sing most current songs very well. My interest lies in old school music because I grew up listening to the likes of Ebenezer Obey and  Afrobeat legend, Fela. I am going to stand out with my own voice and my looks.


Talking about your looks, are you referring to your sex appeal?

Yes, sex appeal and my style.Fashion is one thing, but style is carrying yourself in what you wear and being confident with it.That speaks a lot.


How did your journey into music begin?

I was a  member of an  RnB group back in Chicago. I actually played RnB with the group for about three years.We lost out on a deal and  years later, everybody kept telling me  that the Nigerian music industry is growing. That was  between 2006 and 2007 .Though I was skeptical at that time, I still put out some singles and gave them to some Nigerian DJs that I came in contact with. I met the likes of Eldee and Banky W who kept telling me to relocate to Nigeria. But  because of the things that were going on in my life at that time, I couldn’t take a bold step to return home. Fortunately, my mum gave me the push late 2013 and am here to see how far the push will take me.


Do people compare you with Tiwa Savage?

There  really is no comparison except for the last name.She is one of the artistes in Nigeria that have actually paved the way  for most of the female singers that are trying to do their own things.I respect her craft, I respect what she is doing. I am Lola Savage .I am just trying to do  what I know how to do best since I was a child. I am here to show Nigerians that I can do it too.I am not trying to be like anyone else.I am not trying to be like Tiwa.I can sing too and I can perform.I am just here to show Nigerians that I can build my own brand  and reach the level that some female acts  have attained today. I am confident enough to know that I can get there.


What is your relationship with her?

We are not actually related, it’s more of an extended family affair. Savage is just one family here in Lagos.


Do you consider her as a threat to your career or as a mentor?

It’s not about competition, its about the fact that I see what she is doing and I respect it. If not for for her , I don’t think I will have that zeal to come here and  do something  of my own.


Is any of your songs inspired by a personal experience?

Yes, Dem Say, one of my songs basically talks about not allowing what people say bother us.A lot of people allow what people say get to them.I was having those issues at a time.I spoke with my producer and we decided to create a song around it.


Can you quit music for your relationship?

I definitely can’t quit music for my relationship. Whoever I’m dating should know and understand who I am and what I believe in. Relationship is about respecting each other and I will not quit music for  a relationship.


Are you looking forward to working with a Nigerian female artiste?

Yes! And that will be Tiwa Savage


Why Tiwa Savage?

I just feel that we need to show the world that we are not competing. Jo-el and Tuface are a good example. The thing with Nigerians is that we don’t see things from a different perspective. What I think I need to do is to show Nigerians that I’m not competing with her by doing a song with Tiwa Savage. That doesn’t mean I am trying to hide behind her shadows to launch myself into the mainstream music world; that’s not my intention at all.It just shows that one is looking up to the other


What are the challenges you are facing as an emerging act?

So far, I have had challenges with productions, people who pretend to be what they are not.Everything here is just about money.


What are you implying?

What I mean is that everything in life is a hustle. It’s not only a Nigerian thing.It’s either about spending money or trying to get money.Since I have been here ,everything I have  done has brought money out of my pocket.I have lost so much  without getting the service that I was supposed to get.It’s sad and that’s my biggest challenge at the moment.


Have you experienced any wardrobe malfunction?

I pray it never happens.I have not experienced a wardrobe malfunction, but I have experienced microphone malfunction.When the microphone starts giving you that feedback sound, it hurts.You want to leave the stage crying.When I was in the female group, we did not use microphones because we did a lot of hip-hop dancing. We used more of headsets.It just makes things much more easier.


If you were to make a comparison between the music industry in America and that of Nigeria, what will it be?

The contract here is completely different from the contract in the U.S.A.Secondly, the way the audience interacts with a performer is so much different.They are not supportive that much.I have only come to understand the saying that bad publicity is also good. So, that keeps me going.


How do you handle criticism on the social media?

I don’t really care about what they say. If I have to give a response I will just say go check my background.People just like to talk.They don’t really do their homework and investigations.They don’t know me like they think they do.These are the ones that are called haters, they just hate you for no reason.

Do you play any instrument?

I play the piano. I also play the clarinet and  the flute.A lot of people play by ear and not by musical notes.I studied musical notes, but growing up I forgot everything. I just play by ear

Whose advice has been useful to your career?

That will be that of Eldee.He was the first person to tell me that being in Nigeria was the best thing to have happened to me. That was in 2008, when he relocated to Nigeria.


How do you handle the attention from your male fans?

I entertain their friendship, but I do not encourage anything that goes beyond the friendship.


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