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Movie Producer, Tchidi Chikere, ex-wife Sophia Wash their Dirty Linen In Public

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Sophia, while  reacting to Nuella’s  confirmation last week that she was getting married to Tchidi had accused her ex-husband of being responsible for the break up of their marriage. But, Tchidi who has been refused to join issues with her all this while, during the week took to the social media-Twitter, to lash out at Sophia in anger.
The popular director said, his ex-wife is trying to tarnish his image, instead of acting mature over whatever challenges she might be going through at the moment. He, however, debunked the allegation she levelled against him that he has not been taking up his responsibilities as a father,  revealing  that he pays Sophia her monthly allowances even till date.
Not stopping at that. Tchidi also accused his ex-wife of infidelity, saying she rarely has time for her family. He said, Sophia starved him of love and care for years.
According to him, “God knows, I have tried to be mature about this. God knows I tried to be silent. This is the woman who claims she loves her husband.
I begged her for years, I cried for affection. I begged for a bond, but she never cared. I want to experience love and what it really means to have a home. What life feels like to be truly married. You have a boy friend(s), you have been bearing his name.
I’m sure he’s dumped you because of your attitude and you are coming back to say you love me. Remember when I used to cry for food in my own house where I provided for everything. Do you know what love is all about?”
Warning his ex-wife to stay clear of his life in order  for her world not to come crumbling, Tchidi uploaded pictures of Sophia and her many lovers, exposing all her misdeeds and calling her a “nightmare.”
Meanwhile,in a swift reaction to Tchidi’s defence, Sophia has denied cheating her husband.  She said, her ex-husband uploaded the picture where she posed with her friend to justify the allegations he levelled against her.
According to her, as a business woman who travels far and wide, she makes friends with people.
Reacting, Sophia said, “I read all you said about me and I laugh. Is that the best way to justify yourself? It is well. I will not exchange words with you because there is nothing you say or write about me that would shake me.”
“You said, I used juju to lure you into marrying me. If truly I and my family used juju to hold you, let God who sees everything judge you and I. You said, since you married me that I have not shown you any affection whatsoever. But you forgot the interview you granted to one of the national dailies in 2001, where you confessed that I am the best thing that have happened to you.”
“Even if you call me a prostitute tomorrow or a thief, people who know the truth know the truth. God knows everything and sees the heart  of men. He will pay everybody back according to our deeds….”

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