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Meet Nigerian Born Londoner, Elijah Oyefeso Who Earns 80K Pounds A Month As Self-Taught Stockbroker

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A 21-year-old university drop out now earns up to £80,000 a month.

The self-taught stockbroker claimed that he rakes in £20,000 and £30,000 on a bad month.

Londoner Elijah Oyefeso appeared on Channel 4’s Rich Kids Go Shopping and claimed that he made his fortune by using his student loan to set up his empire.

He now lives in £5,000-a-month flat in pricey Kensington, and splashes out on super cars, having recently snapped up a £125,000 Mercedes GTS.

After his fortunes changed, Oyefeso said that he now only works just one hour a day.

“On a good month, I earn between £70,000 and £80,000,” he told FEMAIL.

“If you work hard you don’t need to look at the price tag, you just get it.”

Originally from Camberwell, he revealed how he suffered at the hands of jealousy of his peers especially after splashing out on his first Mercedes at the age of 18.

“They’ve come from the same area and they’re still in the same area and went to school in the same area,” he said.

“My mum came from west Africa and came with probably £100 in her pocket.”

He dropped out of his business management court at University of Buckingham to give him a leg up and began investing with the cash.

In just nine months, he was earning tens of thousands of pounds on the stock market.

Oyefeso was filmed for the documentary trading online, where he made £1,000 in just 15 minutes.

elijah oyefeso 2He claimed that he knows “when to stop” after having three years of experience under his belt.

Classical music is his go-to genre while trading, as he said: “There’s a saying, you are who you chill with. I chill with people who have half a million in the bank.

“Earning £20 to £30,000 a month, in my world that’s not good. It motivates you to do more.”

Earlier this year, he made headlines for crashing his £150,000 Lambourghini into his other £60,000 Bentley, leaving him with a £55,000 repair bill.

Oyefso revealed that he likes to invest in watches as well, revealing that he splashed out on a £21,000 Cartier watch that he’s only worn twice since purchasing it. He also gives his watches names, dubbing one watch Michelle and another Aaliyah. Yes, seriously.

He set up his company, DCT Training Group, to help others learn how to become a stockbroker. But gives a free trial of just five days before making users stump up £107 a month.

“It’s to help people learn the basics. I tell them to go to this website or read this book,” he said.

Of his weakness for cars, after splashing out on his Lambo at the age of 20 and painting it gold, he said: “When you’re little you’ve got your ideal car, you’ve got your dream car. Some kids are like ‘I want to get a Bugatti, I want to get a Ferrari’.

“Some people are like “yeah yeah.” But I got it.’ That was my dream, I worked for it, I got it.”

While he certainly likes his toys, the university drop out is currently building something special for his mother in Africa.

“It’s a surprise I haven’t told her yet,” he said of the £76,000 five-bedroom home.

Well, he’s let the cat out of the bag now.

Source: Mirror

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