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Man Wears ‘Idiot’ Sign After Threats To Police

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signandman-1-522x293A man who threatened to kill police officers in Cleveland in 911 calls has been ordered to wear a sign in public declaring him an idiot.

Richard Dameron, 58, must stand outside a local police station with a yellow sign around his neck for three hours each day this week.

The sign says: “I apologise to Officer Simone & all police officers for being an idiot calling 911 threatening to kill you. I’m sorry and it will never happen again.”

Dameron was convicted of threatening officers in 911 calls.

“I was under the influence of alcohol, very deeply into it,” he said.

“We just got to rambling off, started acting like fools with a couple of others.

“I do feel bad about it, cause the man’s never done nothing to me.”

His public shaming is not the first of its kind in the city.

The Cleveland judge who sentenced Dameron previously made a woman wear an idiot sign in public for driving around a school bus.

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