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Lover Reveals Vava Voom of Skuki’s Manhood Image
….threatens to release more

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Vava Voom
Vava Voom

Got this mail from a friends, who the original mail was sent to some minutes ago.

the content of the mail reveals how two lovers Vava Voom and the sender “Sholly Berry” relationship turn sour and the later decided to reveal the artistes manhood which was sent to her.

Below is the unedited version of the mail……..

“To the general public, never mind who I am or what my name is, the person who this is directed to knows me very well. I roll a lot with celebrity friends and this is what you get when you think you can sleep with girls and just walk away.

 I want Vavavoom, Skuki or whatever he calls himself to know that he messed with the wrong person this time, and until he apologizes to me to the notice of everyone who he embarrassed me in their presence, I would reveal his private escapades to the public every 24hours till he takes action.
We dated for 3months and I have a lot of munches plus  every picture he has hidden on his phone. Its not my heart you would break, you never knew I had your password abi, Ode!”

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