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Lagos Shall Rise Again: By Olusegun Olulade

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When the peaceful #EndSARS protest started, every responsible and patriotic Nigerian was clear about the genuineness and patriotic spirit of the youths championing the #EndSARS protest.

Their demands was our demands, we applauded their courage, determination and desires for good governance but we never anticipated the intentions of fifth columnists who penetrated the peaceful gathering with the sole aim of maiming, looting and perpetuating arson.

Suddenly, the word “HOODLUMS” surfaced and anarchy became the order of the day. Arsonist took over our beloved city working under higher authorities and powerful people, maybe those we campaigned for and helped into power in 2015 and 2019 with other agents of conspiracy.

They have suddenly turned deaf and dumb with no regards for Nigerians who gave them the mandate to be in office. God will judge everyone negatively involved in the Lekki shooting and the destructions going on in Lagos State today.

Hello Lagosians, irrespective which ethnic block you belong, if you live, work or have enjoyed our infrastructure and facilities before, it’s time we stand together in rebuilding process.

This is Lagos, My Lagos, your Lagos and our Lagos. We are resilient in accomplishing our vision; we don’t give up!

Together, we must protect Lagos state, defend our heritage and preserve our unity that has brought prosperity to all.

Painfully we have lost lives and properties. Insecurity has increased, emotions are very high and thousands of jobs will certainly be lost.

Nevertheless, we must remain a bunch of broom that cannot be broken. Together we will win the battle!.

#EndSARS means good governance, police reforms, infrastructural development, anti corruption crusade, peaceful co-existence, patriotism and youth participation in governance, not lawlessness, vandalisation, looting, maiming and destruction going on now.

Surely Lagos must be stronger again. We must end the violence, killings and wanton destruction of public and private properties. We must #EndSARS reasonably and responsibly.




I am Eleniyan.


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