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Lagos Businessman Flee Home with Family over Circumcision Threat On Daughter

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Mr Adesanya Lookman
Mr Adesanya Lookman

A Lagos based middle aged businessman of Ogun State origin has gone into hiding with his wife and two kids over the insistence by his extended family to let his 9 year old daughter be circumcised in accordance with the tradition and customs of his village.

According to information gathered by our reporters, the fleeing man, Mr Adesanya Lookkman who hails from a village in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State decided to hide his wife and two kids from the circumcision blade because of the fate that befell his first daughter about two years ago.

‘’His first child was a girl named Adesanya Shukurat, it is the customs in their village that before a girl that is born by a family that comes from the village reaches 10 years old, the girl must be circumcised, and a ritual had to be performed on her. Adesanya Lookman took the girl to his village when she was 9 years old and the circumcision and ritual were done. The circumcision got the young girl infected which eventually led to her death.’’ Our source said.

Investigations by our reporters revealed that Lookman Adesanya and his wife, Adebisi now has two kids, a 9 year old girl and a six year old boy. We gathered that Lookman is now under pressure from his family to bring the 9 year old girl for circumcision before she reaches the age of 10. But Lookman, sources said has vowed not to put the life of his second daughter in danger and decided to flee his home in Lagos away from family and friends.

‘’He doesn’t want to the fate that befell his first child to repeat itself. He lost Shukurat to circumcision and he is ready to protect his children. In fact, his wife is pregnant now, and don’t even know if the yet to be born child will be a boy or a girl’’. A source close to Lookman told us.

Female circumcision or Female Genital Mutilation is a surgical operation performed without anesthetic on girls before puberty which is very rampant in many African culture, especially the South West region of Nigeria and has led to deaths of many young girls.

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