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Lagos Biz Woman On The Run After Converting From Muslim To Christian!

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A Lagos based business woman, Adeneye Selimot Labake is on the run, and we learnt she has bolted to London for her safety over religious issues.
According to family sources, Adeneye Selimot decided to run away from Nigeria over disagreements she had with her father some years back after she converted from Islam to Christianity.
We learnt Selimot was born into a very strong Islamic family and her father wields enormous influence in the Muslim community of Ojodu in Ikeja local government area of Lagos where the family is resident.
‘’After Selimot grew up, she decided to change her faith by converting to Christianity. She initially goes to church secretly, hiding it from other members of her family because she knew her father will raise hell. But she later got the courage through her pastor’s encouragement and began to practice her faith publicly’’. The family source stated.
This magazine gathered that as expected, Selimot’s father, Tajudeen Omoniyi Adeneye declared war on the daughter, threatening that over his dead body would his daughter convert to Christianity.
“Her father was enraged. He claimed it would be a disgrace for him if his own daughter converts to Christianity. It was a real family war as the father even threatened to kill her. At that point, some of us advised Selimot to run away from home if she wants to stay alive”. The source added.
We were informed that after she left her father’s house, Selimot took refuge in her church where she began to live. She thereafter met a man in the church named Chukwuemeka Nwaonu whom she began to date.
Their romance blossomed and Chukwuemeka asked Selimot’s hand in marriage which she agreed to.
The lady knew there would be more trouble she will contend with because her father will never give her hands out in marriage, especially to a Christian from the eastern part of the country, but she was ready to bear the consequence and decided to follow her heart.
“Information got to her father that she was staying in the the church and the man sent messages to the pastor that he would send some Islamic militants to burn the church down. Selimot had no other option than to leave the church and moved in with Chukwuemeka”. The source revealed.
Selimot eventually had a secret court marriage with Chukwuemeka and the couple began to live their life. “The marriage caused a lot of brouhaha as the father said Selimot was bent on humiliating him by marrying an Ibo man. It was too much for him. So the father got in touch with Emeka’s parents and began to threaten them seriously, that they wanted a religious war and he will give them one. That was what made Emeka and Selimot run to London.” A family source told us.
While in London, we learnt Emeka’s parent knew no peace as Selimat’s father kept threatening to deal with them by unleashing some radical Islamic youth on them. Emeka reportedly received calls on a daily basis in London from his parents to please divorce Selimot as their life is not safe at home.
We gathered that the pressure was so much on Emeka that he decided to divorce his wife in year 2015 and both of them had to move on with their life.
Our reporter learnt that Emeka had even gone underground as efforts to contact him to get his side of the story had been abortive. Meanwhile family members of Selimot confirmed the story but begged not to be quoted.

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