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Jonathan Inducing Lawmakers With $25,000 Each, Says Baraje Group

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Kawu Baraje
Kawu Baraje

The Abubakar Baraje-led faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today alleged that the Bamanga Tukur faction is attempting to pursue President Goodluck Jonathan’s ambition of running for the presidency again by bribing members of the House of Representatives with $25,000 each.

In a statement in Abuja, the group advised President Jonathan to call his men to order so that they do not plunge the country into avoidable chaos and in order to avoid portraying his administration as promoting corruption to high heavens.

It said that the advice had become necessary following the uncovering of the plot to bribe the Representatives to get them to pass a vote of confidence on President Jonathan, as well as quickly impeaching Speaker Aminu Tambuwal and some other principal officers for their alleged sympathy for the faction.

The statement was signed by the National Publicity Secretary, Chief Chukwuemeka Eze.  It further alleged that the Tukur faction is working with some Presidency officials on the scheme.

“Part of their strategy is to place advertisements in major national newspapers in the country starting from next week, praising a non-performing Presidency to the high heavens so as to water the ground for President Jonathan’s expected declaration for the 2015 presidential contest,” it said.  “Each member is expected to receive 25,000 USD (about N2.5M) to sign the advertorial endorsing the President.”

It said the plan also includes commencing the impeachment of principal officers of the House after the publication of the adverts. “We are aware of the identities of those involved in this shady business being coordinated by an influential member of the discredited Tukur faction from the Southern part of the country.

“Sadly, this is happening at a time when poverty is ravaging the land and our children are kept at home because of the refusal of the Federal Government to keep the agreement it reached with the Academic Staff Union of Universities since 2009.

“Passing a Vote of Confidence on President Jonathan and celebrating him in the papers as these undemocratic elements plan to do is not only insensitive but also amounts to celebrating the death traps called federal roads and celebrating darkness after the billions of naira squandered on a non-functional power sector.”

The group added that the impunity associated with the Tukur-led PDP is yet another proof that the party is now in a desperate situation where the failed politicians are capable of doing anything in order to achieve their evil aims, adding, “But they will surely fail.”

It urged its members all over the world to continue with fasting and prayers as they collectively seek God’s face on how to resolve the orchestrated crisis in their great party and thus minimize the heavy toll which it is taking on the Jonathan administration.

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