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JESULAYIN Debuts With You Are Real

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Jesulayin Emiola, an exceptional great talent is about to hit the music shelf with her first single titled – You are real.

The First Class musicologist from the premier University of Ibadan is described as a rare breed with deep knowledge of ethno-classic style of music definition.
Born two decades ago, in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo state, the multi- instrumentally talented diva is no doubt on the prowl with a big bang on the music space.

Jesulayin, who is all out using music to positively change the world and people in it , is also an advocate of a better Nigeria, where there is peace, unity, love and hope.

The single – You are real, which is set to hit the music shelf in the month of July, has been thumbed up by music critics and aficionados as the flagship of the brand new ethno-classics music genre on the global entertainment scene.

Jesulayin, a vocal power house, with an amazing skills on keyboards and guitar, passionately support the teaching of God’s word to children and having them deeply rooted in it.

The music egghead who loves sewing and traveling, is now clearly identified as the newest star in the horizon, that is positively bound to shake the world music industry.

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