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‘I’m Not Collecting N10 billion Loan From Bond Market’- Gov. Okowa

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The Governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa has described as false a news report in some online publications that he is set to access a N10 billion loan from the bond market. The SSA, New Media to Delta State Governor,Dantes Odogwu explains all in the press release sent to us. We reproduce the release below…..
RE: Gov Okowa is not on a mission to collect N10 billion loan from the Bond Market.
We find it indeed funny and childishly theatrical that Universal Reporters 247 has began to toe the unpopular pathway of speculative journalism that Sahara Reporters is well known for. It is indeed a show of shame for a media to feed the unsuspecting public that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is set to borrow N10 billion from the bond market without hearing from the government or cross checking their facts.
This is obviously the height of media rascality and unprofessionalism for a widely -circulated media tabloid to become a pawn in the hands of the opposition in Delta State in their incurable bid of seeking to distract and derail the Government of Gov Ifeanyi Okowa.
As for the piece of news, beloved Deltans and Nigerians are advised to ignore same as there is no element of truth in it. May it be noted that Gov Ifeanyi Okowa is a man and leader known to run an inclusive Government that equally takes into cognizance the demands that pertain to the separation of powers among the three Arms of Government even as spelt out in the Nigerian Constitution.
Hence, in the hurried and preemptive attempts to beguile Gov Okowa; shouldn’t Universal Reporters ordinarily have shown as proof, the letter of request transmitted to the State Assembly by Gov Okowa asking for their approval to access such a loan?
Furthermore, one is bemused concerning the ranting of Universal Reporters 247 concerning Gov Okowa’s long term membership of the PDP. For the records, Sen. Dr Ifeanyi Okowa has at no time hidden it that he is a member of the PDP, neither is he contemplating moving to the opposition.
However, what we find uncharitable is the constant attempt by the opposition to place the bulk of the responsibility for the failures (of course, the successes are never ever included) of the immediate past Government on him. We ask: was Gov Okowa then the Chief Executive of the State on whom the bulk stopped at his table?
If the opposition is irredeemably interested in a never-ending assessment and maligning of the past Government, shouldn’t they know where to look? Indeed, what is necessary to assert is that the Delta Electorate knew all about the background of Sen. Dr Ifeanyi Okowa before they decided to massively entrust him with their mandate as the Governor. Therefore, this current but stale media demeanor of the opposition (still smarting from their woeful loss at the Elections Tribunal) will amount to nothing.
We have definitely seen through the pretenses of this hireling of a media Tabloid called the Universal Reporters, as paid hands in the hands of the wailing opposition in the State. We deem it a wicked enterprise to embark on by an online Tabloid desirous of credibility, acceptance and respect from the general public!
Lastly, we assure dear Deltans that Gov Okowa is irrevocably committed to his ‘ Prosperity for All Deltans’ Vision which himself and his team are working tirelessly to see become reality in the homes and lives of Deltans. Certainly too, anything known to cause Deltans pain and eventual losses will never have the approval or imprimatur of the amiable Gov Okowa.
Whenever our S.M.A.R.T agenda governor is ready to take any loan, Deltans and Nigerians will be aware of it, as the governor runs on a transparent mandate willfully given to him by the people that he serves. On all of these and many more of the Governor’s promises, Deltans should be rest assured.
Thank you
Dantes Odogwu. SSA, NEW MEDIA to Delta State Governor

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