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”I would have slapped Senate President, David Mark” – Solomon Adeola

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yayi ni“If you looked at me that day, I confronted him and asked ‘what are you doing here’. It was the deputy speaker that held me. I would have dazed him, I would have rough handled him, because he is one of them”

Those were the words of House of Representatives member who is now a senator – elect, Hon. Solomon Olamilekan Adeola popularly known as YAYI.

Hon. Adeola who won his election into the senate in the just concluded March 28 National Assembly elections to represent Lagos West in the upper chamber made the statements while answering questions from some online journalists in his office few days before the election.

Yemojanews had asked the house of representatives member why he chose to be part of the lawmakers that scaled the gate of the National Assembly when members were prevented from entering by the police in November 2014 and he said he did what he had to do to protect democracy in the country and added that he was so agitated that he would have even slapped the senate president, David Mark when the later came to meet the lawmakers in their chamber.

david markYayi had said, “I never expected that on that day, I will be photo shot to the extent that I will be on the front page of newspapers, if I had known, maybe I would have been more careful, so that I can dodge (general laughter). But what was about to happen that day was a coup against democracy. The members inside the chambers were not enough to remove the speaker. So, if we had not done what we did that day, by today we will still be in court………

“Even the senate president, it was God that saved him, I would have dazed him, I would have dazed him. Am not joking. If you looked at me that day, I confronted him and asked what are you doing here! It was the deputy speaker that held me, I would have dazed him because he is one of the supporters. So I did not regret my action. And that is the extent I will go to defend democracy.”

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