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I Was Angry The Day My Husband Proposed To Me… Pastor Blessings Agboli

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Pastor (Mrs.) Blessings Agboli is the wife of Rev. (Dr) Joseph Agboli, the senior pastor/general overseer of Victorious Army Ministries International in Lagos. She means so many things to so many people. In this interview, she talks about her ministry and how she met the only man in her life, Pastor (Dr) Joseph Agboli.
Can you tell us your name and your background?

My name is Mama Blessing Agboli, I was born and raised in Ilogbo in Ika LG, Delta State. I attended primary and secondary Baptist Girls High School in Nigeria and then proceeded with my education studying nursing at Collable in Ghana. I then furthered my education by studying law in the UK.

How many are you in your family?

I was born into a large family of 10 children
What was your growing up like?
Wow! It was an interesting childhood experience because I was staying with my elder sister and it wasn’t until I was 14 years old that I realized my elder sister was not my mother.

At what age did you give your life to Christ?

Strangely enough, I can authoritatively say that I gave my life to Christ at age three. I remember asking Jesus to save me with the little understanding. I knew of Him during a church service in a Catholic Church at Uwani, Enugu.
That day was so significant to me because I felt Jesus speaking  to me and it was undoubtedly him because of a word I received from a reverend father  the same day.

What are those things you hate in people?

I hate poverty and seeing people suffer. When I got married to my husband, we didn’t start the church with the rich but with street boys and girls. I went out into some streets like Allen Avenue, Opebi link road, down to Fela shrine, to gather them, mostly at night. I preached, cooked and gave them money and even up till now I have so many people that I cater for just because I can’t stand to see people suffering and I will continue to do that till my old age.

How did ministry start?

The ministry was started by my husband and as obedient and Christian wife I had no option than to obey the calling so that the promise of God can manifest in our lives. The church started not only to see the oppressed free, broken hearted healed sick but also to teach people about the grace of God and His mercy.

You met your hubby inside a church?

Ah! I didn’t go to church for marriage. The day he proposed to me I was very angry.


I didn’t want to get married as at that time because I was very focused on my relationship with God and I waited for God to speak to me before I carry out any decision. Also at that time, I was worshiping at Latter Rain Church and one thing my pastor Tunde Bakare, taught me is to wait upon the Lord and to be highly disciplined.
When I attended the church, my husband was the pastor, he was in that ministry for a year, and in that church I think he was not being paid and when I asked him why, he said he was not working for money but for God. That made me fall in love with him and also when I saw his passion for people to see the light and love of God.
I can truly say I am grateful to God that I met my husband. My husband is such a great supporter, brother and my best friend.

How did you locate his church?

Funnily enough a friend of mine took me to his church because my business was beginning to experience some challenges and I needed those owing me to pay.

Challenges in your ministry?

For me the challenges in the ministry are how pastors in Nigeria are negatively perceived and how pastors are treated based on it, especially negative reports which are not true but as a servant of God we can’t be angry but to pray for everybody to see the light and like Jesus our Saviour our duty is to continue to hold on to the cross so that whatever tribulations and challenges in our Christian journey we will have the grace to surmount it and move on because our goal is to make heaven. Based on that we will not look at whatever we encountered in our ministry.

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