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How Segun Adewale (Aeroland) Caused Mayhem At Lagos PDP Secretariat

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A factional Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Segun Adewale aka Aeroland has been tagged a troublemaker going by his antecedents in the past elections in the state, where he had contested and lost severally.

He is said to have continued his alleged recklessness even after the election as he has reportedly been fanning the ember of violence in the party, and he has been accused of playing a major role in the crisis that engulfed the party in the state in recent times.

Segun, who was the candidate of the PDP for the Lagos West Senatorial election in the 2015 general elections, reportedly displayed the stuff he is made of at the secretariat of the party in Sogunle area of Lagos recently.

According to sources, Aeroland invaded the secretariat of the party with suspected thugs having been hinted by his informants that a rival faction of the party in the state, headed by Mr. Moshood Salvador was organising a stakeholders meeting at the secretariat.

He was said to have told the officers of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) stationed at the gate of the secretariat that he was the chairman of the party.

Eyewitness informed us that Aeroland shot a gun into the air before his boys went into the secretariat and caused mayhem in the process as they reportedly attacked anybody on sight including the factional organising secretary of the party in the state, Mr. Taiwo Kuye, who was allegedly stabbed.

“Aeroland threw decorum into the wind as he and his boys caused mayhem at the PDP secretariat that day. It was free for all as everyone ran helter skelter. Nobody could fathom what was happening initially as we least expected the invasion,” said a source, who was at the scene of the incident.

The source added that what baffled him was that the RRS officials did not intervene in the matter immediately, but that they later had to drive Aeroland and his boys away from the secretariat, when the matter was getting out of hand.

He added that one of the supporters of Salvador, who was shot by Aeroland’s boys, later died, but this could not be confirmed as at press time.

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