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How Guinness Nigeria’s HR Director, Monica Peach Is Tearing Company Apart!

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That Guinness Nigeria has been around for a while is stating the obvious but time has proved that there are likely no talents among decision makers of the brewing giant as unresolved management crisis is presently denting its image.

Information at our disposal has it that Guinness Nigeria, brewers of popular products like Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Harp, Malta Guinness, Smirnoff Ice, Orijin and others is presently plagued with management crisis that might send it to grave soon.

The crisis, according to an insider started in July 2014 when Monica Peach was made the Human Resources Director of the brewing firm. Though the appointment was frown at by members of staffs, the management hid under the pretense that she’ll only spend a year before a Nigerian will take over. 

Almost immediately she settled down at the new office, Monica came with policies that the staffs union mopes. Findings revealed that among several of the policies is that staffs medicals should cover just the staff and two other members of his/her family, which means any staffs with two kids, are not covered with free medicals.

Most recently, Monica Peach led the exercise that kicked out over 500 staffers among whom were 10 directors, 40 senior managers. The sack exercise was badly managed that the staff union protested with the warning to cripple production if all staffers affected were not recalled.

For days, production was stopped by the union which eventually prompted the management to seek the assistance of Wale Adeniran, a former HR director who was sacked few years back. The former HR director gave his conditions which included payment of N50million to manage the situation.

Mr. Adeniran was said to have negotiated on behalf of Monica Peach with executives of the union offering them conditions that included severance to the affected staffs. 

Right after the case was managed, the same consultant, Wale Adeniran was used to quench the fire of NAFDAC brouhaha which occurred last month that caused decline in sales to the brewing giant.

Unfortunately, the executives of the union who the management labeled ‘tyrant’ were sacked thereafter, not minding how experienced or how long they have worked with Guinness Nigeria. There is an uneasy calm in the company now, but there are indications that another crisis is about to rear its head.

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