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How Asamoah Gyan Raped Me; Victim says, “I didn’t ask him to ‘chop’ me from the back”

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Not too long ago, it emerged that a 22 year old-Sarah kwabla claimed she secretly recorded Asamoah Gyan ‘chopping’ her down in February-but that is not all, she is now pregnant and she is demanding that the Black Star captain (Ghana’s National Football team) should get a neatly furnished apartment, a house maid and a monthly stipend of $1,000 for postnatal care.

She also claimed the football icon raped her too.

But, the former Sunderland fc striker’s lawyer, Kissi Adjarbeng confirmed on a radio program that his client, Asamoah Gyan actually had s*x with Sarah on a consensual agreement. The lawyer insisted “there was nothing like rape.”

However, information made available indicates that the young lady, Sarah is also claiming that she was sodomized by the Ghanaian football star. She emphasized that she never agreed to that form of s*x, hence, her claim of rape allegations.

“The young woman on the other hand claims Asamoah Gyan chopped her bum (Sodomized her) during the intercourse without permission, that is where the whole rape allegation comes from.

“So it looks like she is saying, she only granted permission for her front to be chopped but after doing that, Asamoah Gyan allegedly moved to chop her backside too.”

Information also has that the young woman who has been threatening to release a secret recorded video while the sex romp last is yet to let the pictures out.

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