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Heavy Winds Blow Roofs of Jacob Mews’ Estate In Lagos
… Properties Worth N500M Destroyed!

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Residents of Jacob Mews Estate on Adebisi Street, behind Panti Police Station, Yaba, Lagos woke up to heavywind and rainfall that pulled the roof of their apartments and destroyed many properties, writes BIODUN KUPOLUYI. According to victims of the natural disaster, the incident which occured around 7A.M on Palm Sunday was avoidable if due dilligence and inspection had been observed. The roof of many apartments in Block D of the estate were tore off by the wind that dropped the fabricated sheets on top of residents’ cars. Not less than 10 posh cars belonging to residents were damaged by the heavywind. Most of the cars’ windscreens were smashed into smitherens and the debris from the tiles and walls litered the steps and private rooms. The hapless residents suffered damage of personal effects including electronics and gadgets. When LagosToday’s crew arrived the scene, many affected residents were seen talking in hush tones lamenting over the disaster that must have claimed not less than N500million worth of properties and personal effects. Meanwhile, staff of the company that developed the estate have quickly moved in to evacuate the fabricated roofsheets that fell on cars as well as appealing to residents and pockets of sympathisers to keep away from the scene for safety purpose. LagosToday’s checks revealed residents of Jacob Mews’ estate built by Yeye Ogunwusi’s Howard Rock, an urban estate developer, moved in June/ July 2013. Many residents blamed the disaster on lack of quality control by supervising authorities. The agony of the destruction did not spare ‘innocent’ neighbours on Adebisi Street where a huge debris fell and destroyed the homes of locals. Below are pictures from the estate.

Source: Lagos Today

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