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GOtv Has Made My Dream Come True – Samson Ayoola

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interview pixSamson Ayoola, a resident of Jos, recently won big in the GOtv “Uninterrupted TV Viewing Experience” promo. The promo was launched to mark the company’s commercial operations in Jos, with exciting gifts for lucky subscribers to win.

Ayoola, 35, and a native of  Oyo State, was among the lucky ones, winning a flatscreen television, home theatre sound system and a generator.

In this interview, Ayoola  speaks on his experience.


When and why did you buy GOtv?

I bought the decoder in March when it was launched here in Jos. I just thought within me that I should give it a trial since the one I was using did not offer me enough entertaining channels. So, I bought it out of curiosity.


What is your experience with GOtv and the channels you watch on it?

It has been a wonderful experience, even my wife feels so. I love football, so SuperSport Select 1 and 2 are my favourite channels. It has kept my family closer because my wife and I watch the AfricaMagic Yoruba channel together. As for my children, they are hardly separated from cartoons channels during their free time.


How did you feel winning a flat screen Television, home theatre system and a generator?

I cannot describe the depth of my happiness. I am indeed lucky. Two weeks ago, my house got burnt. Only few of my belongings were salvaged from the fire. Interestingly, my decoder was one of them. As if the company knew my predicament, I just received a call that I had won something. I was a bit doubtful at first because I was thinking maybe someone was up to a mischief. But from the point my GOtv decoder serial number was mentioned, I knew something real had hit me. It was just like a dream. How

HoHHow could I have easily replaced what I lost to the fire, if not for this great help from GOtv through the promo.


Do you still think you are dreaming?

No. It is real. I have the prizes I won, so it cannot be a dream.

Even though my loss to the fire was more than the TV, home theatre and generator, it will go a long way to help me and my family build a new home.


What do you say to other Nigerians reading your experience?

I will encourage them to do what I did: buy a GOtv decoder, enjoy the entertaining channels and hope for the best. That was exactly what I did and it is the only advice I have to give. With what GOtv has done for me, I have since become its ambassador and I have been encouraging my relatives and neighbours to embrace it, too.


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